Corporate Welfare update: Cooper Power Tools Inc.

I’m going to post every one of these handouts to corporations with promises of “creating jobs” so that it’s easy to look back at the tax dollars we spent on NOT providing government services.

the commission approved a $125,000 grant to assist Cooper Power Tools, Inc., with renovations and relocation of equipment to Dayton from its Springfield operation. A Montgomery County Economic Development/Government Equity grant will provide $75,000 of the cost. The city’s development fund will cover the balance. The company will invest $225,000 in its facility at 762 W. Stewart St., according to city of Dayton documents. Cooper will create 15 jobs, relocate 15 jobs and retain 125 full-time positions.

via Dayton considering buying trailer for disasters.

Just last night, I had to listen to a small business person in Dayton ask why she didn’t get the sweetheart deal on the former Chin’s space that I wrote about a few days ago- where the City gave a huge rent subsidy to a business that never materialized. In marketing, you can’t survive on being the low price leader with just selling “door busters” at a loss. Dayton needs to learn how to sell Dayton without giving away the store.

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