Reviving Dayton Neighborhoods

Let’s discuss “Green” housing and renovation

I’m driving up and down Brown Street- trying to imagine it without the Frank Z building. The thought depresses me. Just like I miss the old churches in the Oregon District that are gone, like I miss the terra cotta tiles on the gas station/tire store that was there before the Cooper Lofts- I miss Read More

The return to neighborhood schools

When I first ran for Mayor, at the same time Mike Turner ran for Mayor- I talked about the return to neighborhood schools. Turner mocked me- saying it was an issue for the School Board. I talked about the effect it had on our community- exchanging racial segregation for economic segregation. I was told it Read More

Dayton neighborhood schools: Finally!

Twenty years after I ran for Mayor saying we needed a return to neighborhood schools, the school board has caught on. However, if anyone thinks this process is now going to go over easy- they are sadly mistaken. After working so hard to “theme” and “brand” schools- and promote “choice” trying to go back is Read More

The secret to economic development for Dayton

Reader Terry Murray sent me this beautiful link. But the final line is everything I’ve been trying to say for the last 4 years on “What community ever screwed up by providing too much quality of life?” That ought to become the guiding principle of every city. via CEOs for Cities :: What Makes Read More

The little neighborhood that could: South Park and its home tour

The kids’ book about “the little engine that could” is a parable for the South Park neighborhood in Dayton Ohio. The largest historic district in the city, South Park is a neighborhood defined not by its vast mix of homes, from manses to miniature (there is one house, the “Gingerbread cottage” that is smaller than Read More

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