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It’s time to fire Inspector Gotcha

I’m going to leave out names, because they really don’t matter. This is an issue of culture in City Hall, and it’s one that needed to be shown the door long ago. Talking to another local small businessman, I heard yet another story of a small business opening being delayed by Inspector Gotcha. After turning Read More

311 in Dayton anyone?

At the South East Priority Board candidates’ forum on Thursday night I got asked about my position on changing the priority board system. Simply stated, I believe we need to draw our own boundaries- by neighborhood, instead of letting State lawmakers gerrymander voting precincts so that Mike Turner could win OH-3 and John Boehner could Read More

Montgomery County Health Department posts restaurant inspections

It’s nowhere as cool as the window stickers in Kentucky- with a numeric grades- but, you can now look up restaurant inspections in Montgomery County online: Makes it easier for all the amateur food critics to take a peek into the kitchens. Nice job Montgomery County!

What can we do to make Dayton government more “citizen friendly?”

I might never have stepped foot inside City Hall if the city had done a better job of establishing a relationship with me, Joe Citizen. Instead, we started off on the wrong foot when a housing inspector told me I was screwing up by putting new garage doors on my $14,500 dump (it seems I Read More

Things the city shouldn’t do.

I don’t care how tight the budget is, there are some things you don’t cut, or add charges to. Charging volunteer youth leagues for use of ball fields on a daily basis is one: Beginning this season, the city is charging all non-city leagues a flat rate of $50 per ball field, per day to Read More

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