Can you get me 2 basketball rims? Or more?

I’ve gotten 2 calls already- one of the rims at the Roosevelt/W. Third Street recreation center outdoor court needs to be replaced, maybe both.

I’ve told them to go inside and talk to the city staff that runs the center. Which probably means they won’t be replaced for years.

But, if you would order one of these, or two, and had them delivered to 100 Bonner Street, Dayton OH 45410 I’ll have them installed the day they arrive.

This is by far the best rim for outdoor courts on the market, it’s made by First Team, The FT172D unfortunately, they are about $160 ea. list (put it in your cart to get it for $123)  However, considering the others won’t last a few years, this design seems to make sense.

If I end up with 20 rims here, don’t worry, they will all go to good use- starting with Princeton Rec center where there was a need for 3 rims yesterday.

You can leave a comment if you want- or surprise me- if you are willing to step up. I can’t use my meager $10K campaign funds to buy rims- and still hope to get elected, but I can take these as in-kind donations.

Anybody want to step up?


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