Basic service delivery in Dayton Ohio: Street sweeping: FAIL

Street sweeping is the most basic of service. It’s not rocket science.

Then why can’t we get it right in Dayton?

sorry- when I first uploaded the video- it was marked private by accident (FAIL) it should work now.

If New York City can manage to get people to park on even and odd sides of the street to get them cleaned properly, why can’t we in Dayton?

If we focused on basic services instead of chasing “development”- maybe the developers would like to develop here just because Dayton is a great place to do business.

Effective street sweeping, snow plowing, police protection and other basic public services should be a great start.

If you want effective public service, it’s time to elect people who understand public service, not- just service to developers and corporations looking for corporate welfare. It seems that most of the news out of City Hall is about spending on silver bullets, service cuts or arguments with labor. When was the last time you heard a discussion about how to deliver a better living experience for all Daytonians? When did you hear someone ask does this benefit all of Dayton, or just a small subset. We have our own local pork machine- instead of an effective government.

The first question for our city manager once I’m elected: Who is in charge of citizen service? What is your system for delivery of outstanding service. And, why can’t we sweep the streets- without the cars so the job is done right the first time?

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