Austin Road Addendum: Dayton/Montgomery County Port Authority involvement

One thing I forgot to mention from the Downtown Dayton Partnership’s presentation on Austin Road yesterday- there are four quadrants of land around the interchange. The two on the East side are both owned by RG Properties. The West side is optioned by RG Properties. Part of the North West quandrant- is owned by the Dayton/Montgomery County Port Authority.

Anytime I see mention of the Port Authority, alarm bells ring. This is the shadow-quasi governmental slush fund used to put tax dollars into corporate pockets at a steep discount. MCSi, the ponzi scheme computer supply company that built their corporate HQ in Kettering, only to leave the taxpayers taking a bath.

I’m sure a few of my readers know more about this deal than I do- please feel free to share the info in comments.

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I think I bloggged on this or it was in that lengthy Austin Road thread over at Urban Ohio. You should read my blog more (just kidding).

The PA bought the land from Long Farm Investors (don’t know who they were) in June 2003. Long Farm had the land for quite a while I think…since the 1990s?

Here’s the B-J link:

….and in May of 2007 there was a story that the Transportation District was in negotiations with RG Properties on an option for the property contingent on RG coming up with a development plan.

Reports also said part of the planning on that corner involved relocating Byers Road to make the land more developable.

As an aside RG and Miller-Valentine bought out Danis’ industrial park on the SE corner. Im probably more interested in RGs involvement in the NE corner as that is a huge block of land. I know it was owned by Mead but would be interested to know the trail that led to RG’s control of the land.

The NE corner was owned by Mead/