And the voters said… Carolyn Rice

No this isn’t Arizona where some traitors in the boards of elections are refusing to certify votes. This is Montgomery County Ohio- where the final election results just came in at 1:24 pm today.

There are no surprises except one: Carolyn Rice will remain your county commissioner with 92,501 votes to Jordan Wortham’s 91,038. That’s a pretty big swing for the absentee voters to make.

After election day– the final was Wortham 87,457, and Rice 86,417.

It’s still close enough for a recount, so this may not be the last word, but, considering Republican’s were told that voting absentee and early voting was bad (bad advice btw) this is what can happen.

Wortham had big plans for shaking things up, although he still would have been out voted 2-1, and would have had minimal say, but this should serve as a serious wake up call for Montgomery County Dems, seeing as even relatively unknown candidates continue to strike so close to the County Commission D’s without spending very much money.

There were no other surprises or changes. Addison Caruso did incredibly well against the well known Andrea White in OH-36, despite her outspending him by about 10x. Official final: Caruson: 20,443, White: 20,905

Wortham said he’s going to keep running- he doesn’t want his name to die off voters minds. Next up will be a run for Dayton City Commission, which will be interesting because there is currently a restraining order against him preventing him from going into City Hall.

At this point, the candidates looking to take on incumbent Dayton City Commissioners Matt Joseph and Chris Shaw are Valerie Duncan, Jamica Garrison, Wortham, and me, David Esrati. There may be more.

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