And the “Department of Homeland Security”….

It makes me wonder how well we are fighting the “war on terror” when we can’t even track who should, and who shouldn’t have a driver’s license across State lines.

Dexter S. Moore isn’t exactly a common name, in Google it turns up 22 hits- mostly for his Dad, Dr. Dexter S. Moore- yet, this maniac on the roads was able to get an Ohio driver’s license, access to a Mercedes Benz- and have a girlfriend- all so he could recklessly kill a 17 year old getting off a school bus?

Moore not entitled to license
Highway safety advocates say a lack of coordination among state motor vehicle bureaus is a big reason high-risk drivers like Moore fall through the cracks. In the last 10 years, Moore had garnered at least eight speeding violations in West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland. During that period, his license had been suspended three times.

Yes, even though we’ve spent $500 billion on a war, to find and kill the great “evil doer” Bin Laden, we can’t manage to keep a driver’s license away from an idiot, right here in the USA.

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