Accountability: What’s missing in America

Where did the money go? Enron, AIG, MCSi, IMF Global.

All massive failures, where the shareholders, pensioners, and even government operations who hold investment portfolios with our tax dollars were left holding the bag. While a few may have gone to jail, the fact is that the people who were robbed, weren’t made whole. And while there were people looking at Enron (bond-rating agencies, the Securities and Exchange Commission, etc.) and saying “this isn’t really possible” we went through the motions and allowed it to happen. The bigger the lie, the more we’re willing to believe it.

The growth in executive pay and percs- the gross inflation of college football coaches’ salaries-

In his recent book “Big-Time Sports in American Universities,” Dr. Clotfelter notes that between 1985 and 2010, average salaries at public universities rose 32 percent for full professors, 90 percent for presidents and 650 percent for football coaches.

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We rationalize that because that’s what someone else is getting paid, it’s legitimate. What kind of lemming standard have we devolved to?

Then we have the case of the missing $4k at Wayne High School. From the Dayton Daily News:

While Jay Minton was coaching his Wayne High School Warriors to a 58-19 victory over Sir Frederick Banting’s team from London, Ontario, last Sept. 9, $4,176 in gate receipts from the game did not make it to the bank.

Now school officials said Minton, who serves also as the school’s athletic director, is being held responsible for that money. The Huber Heights City Schools conducted an internal investigation and performed two audits — one by Clark, Schaefer, Hackett & Co. in Springfield and another by Ohio Auditor Dave Yost’s office — that were unable to determine how the money vanished.

If it is not found, Minton has been informed he will have to pay the bill. “It’s not fair, but it’s part of it,” he said. “It’s our gate receipts. It’s under my department.

“This is probably, indirectly, one of the toughest things I’ve been involved with. I didn’t have any access to that (money) or touch that or anything.

“But it’s under this department. I am responsible to make sure that money is back in there.”

via Wayne coach responsible for school’s missing receipts.

Mr. Minton is a rare example of integrity in this morally bankrupt country. He’s said the buck stops with him. He’s responsible.

Where is the accountability from: County Administrator Deborah Feldman on the money entrusted to Rev. Trammell?

Or, the losses from any of the Wall Street failures? The pensions due the Delphi retirees? The list goes on.

We have Michael Peppel, former CEO of MCSi who bilked people for millions, but only sentenced to 7 days in prison and a $5 million fine.

When our laws aren’t applied equally, blindly and fairly, are we truly a country with a rule of law? How can we trust our system when it’s routinely gamed and manipulated to the benefit of a few at a cost to the many?

It’s time to take a look at what our country has become and ask, is this the America, land of the free, home of the brave? Because the only brave persons I’m seeing are the ones willing to question the system- to poke and prod at what we’ve become and ask why and how do we settle for the wholesale abuse of the many. From off shoring jobs and bailouts, while the taxpayer is expected to take up the slack- while the wealthy complain about their taxes yet throw money at the “SuperPACs” to queer the system even more.

If you agree with my assessment, please consider a donation to my campaign for Congress. Every single dollar helps me keep this conversation going- and to raise the volume of the questions. Because, if we continue to let the lemmings rule, we’ll all be dead at the bottom of the cliff before we know it.

And, Urban Meyer, if you’re reading this, why don’t you consider writing a check to the Wayne High School Warriors for the missing gate receipts. It’s rounding error on your paycheck. It may help you sleep better at night.

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