A note on regionalism in Dayton

I find it fitting that our Representative to the House is referred to as “Mike Turner, R- Centerville.”

Thanks in part to Republican gerrymandering, and our former Mayor’s swift exit from urban to suburban living once he didn’t have to live with the little people anymore- we now miss having our regional brand attached to our regional rep.

One of Turners “big” accomplishments as Mayor was to get the Interstate signs in Columbus to read “Dayton” instead of “Indianapolis” for I-70, how about he gets his regionalism hat on and get his district tag changed back to  Dayton- either by legislation or by moving back?

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I do think it was funny that Turner moved out to Centerville when he was defeated for re-election. I think there have been democrats who did this too…a city commissioner of a few years back named Henry, I think.

I think Turners sharpest political move came when he defeated Mary Wisemans’ attempt to get the commission to enact a gay rights ordnance. That was a real sucessfull political move for Turner, as it gave him some real credibilty with cutlural conservative voters out in suburbia…

…so one wonders if he had his eye on Hall’s seat even back then. Or it might not have been political opportunism and he really is predjudiced against lesbians and gays. Or it was just prudent political survival given the big opposition from local clergy. Hard to say.

In any case it did help ensure any primary challenge to Turner from the right would be tough. I think you see this again in Turners opposition to stem cell research, where he is riding a cultural conservative issue for political profit.

David Esrati
David Esrati

Turner had eyes on Tony Halls seat since puberty. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him eventually run for higher office- he probably likes the sound of “President Turner”