A day that shall live in infamy. Ohio goes smoke free Dec. 7 2006!

From Smoke Free Ohio:

On Thursday December 7th, for the first time in Ohio’s history, all Ohioans will be able to go out to eat, go to a bowling alley, even go out for a drink with friends in a completely smoke-free environment.

Hard to imagine, right?

Not anymore!

So, what is the best way to celebrate a SmokeFreeOhio? How about at your favorite restaurant!

Going out on the town on December 7th is not only an excellent chance to experience a smoke-free night, it’s also an important opportunity for us to show Ohio’s restaurant, bar, and bowling alley owners how much we appreciate them going smoke-free.

On December 7th, let’s all go out and celebrate our SmokeFreeOhio victory by patronizing Ohio’s many newly smoke-free businesses!

I plan on visiting Canal Street Tavern a lot more often to see great music in a smoke free, living room like, environment.

Other places I may now be able to go to comfortably: Tanks, Pearl, Night Owl, Trolley Stop and Tumbleweed.

It’s unfortunate- but I’m most worried about Gilly’s, Therapy Cafe and Pacchia losing some business as non-smokers find new places to hang out.

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