A day that shall live in infamy. Ohio goes smoke free Dec. 7 2006!

From Smoke Free Ohio:

On Thursday December 7th, for the first time in Ohio’s history, all Ohioans will be able to go out to eat, go to a bowling alley, even go out for a drink with friends in a completely smoke-free environment.

Hard to imagine, right?

Not anymore!

So, what is the best way to celebrate a SmokeFreeOhio? How about at your favorite restaurant!

Going out on the town on December 7th is not only an excellent chance to experience a smoke-free night, it’s also an important opportunity for us to show Ohio’s restaurant, bar, and bowling alley owners how much we appreciate them going smoke-free.

On December 7th, let’s all go out and celebrate our SmokeFreeOhio victory by patronizing Ohio’s many newly smoke-free businesses!

I plan on visiting Canal Street Tavern a lot more often to see great music in a smoke free, living room like, environment.

Other places I may now be able to go to comfortably: Tanks, Pearl, Night Owl, Trolley Stop and Tumbleweed.

It’s unfortunate- but I’m most worried about Gilly’s, Therapy Cafe and Pacchia losing some business as non-smokers find new places to hang out.

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I am happy to see that we are smoke FREE. But I am just waiting and wanting the public to voice opinions on other issues……… Now we can go “smoke free” at our favorite eating estb., but when will be go “fat free.” I am just not edu”ma”cated enough to know who is serving “healthy” food compared to “unhealthy” food. When I get FAT, oh wait, I am already fat……. so, who do I go after those folks… “make this not happen to ME or our children.” I walked into an ADULT store yesterday, and today I want to TOUCH something other than myself without prior written approval….hmmmmm….. I may be bad, I may be good, I may not have a choice, I just may be…….. I don’t like all the smoke produced by trucks and cars, how do we stop this???? HELP? Trucks, BMWs, Volvos, Scooters, GM, Ford, ETC…. When do we stop this…Now, or when it is in your favor. I take the bus, not the electric one, b/c they want to use fuel…… We should get rid of all of this…..TODAY! David is right, LESS is MORE! I will be eating at Jay’s Seafood on Dec 7 – just hope I don’t croke from all the OIL!

Ken Putman Sr.
Ken Putman Sr.

I am a little baffled at the comments posted first if an event will “live in infamy” I thought that statement was more of an evil or unwanted historical event. Yes or no? The the above comments on eating Jay’s and choking on the oil leaves me baffled. This was just a lot of jibberish. I am thankful for the smoking ban in public. How nice it will be to take children to a restaurant and feel good about the fact that I’m not allowing them to be subjected to other peoples rude, unhealthy, smelly nasty habit. People with any manners or concern would realize that my not smoking does nothing to them but their smoking forces me to stay home or breathe air that they have contaminated with deadly chemicals that are proven to kill.
Ken Putman Sr.

David Esrati
David Esrati

I can’t be held responsible for Gene- he writes- I can’t always decipher.
Dec. 7th is Pearl Harbor day- as well as smoke free Ohio day-
I was just drawing the two together.
I think smoke free is the best thing to happen to Ohio in years.


I see what you mean. I didn’t get your connection. Regarding Gene’s comments–well I geuss he thinks to deep for me!!


As a USN Viet Nam Vet that has personally seen the USS Arizona sitting on the bottom of Pearl Harbor with 1200 crew men entombed within her. Reference to it in this fashion is a disgrace.
In case you have forgotten Pearl Harbor launched American into a deadly war filled with pain. It ended with the use of one of the biggest fastest means of causing cancer, radiation. It ended with the knowledge we could exterminate mankind from this planet.
We fought against a enemy on two different fronts one radically set upon the forced notion of doing good for their mother land. A forced way of government control, from anti smoking, gun control and the so called final solution.
The smoking ban is nothing to celebrate as it takes personal responsibility away from the people and imposes direct government control over people. Wouldn’t Hitler loved to have had a 1-800 number to snitch on a Jew with?
I fought for freedom and the smoking ban is not freedom but oppression of rights though social engineering, paid by misdirected donations aimed at research but instead funneled into lobbying of government.

Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers

Billy: What about the Blue Angels and the radon in Licking County?


Buck the Licking County Government says it is ok to nuke your kids as they don’t want a drop in property values. I suggest you look at the Licking County Board of Healths own website. Or are you going to call the Licking County Board of Health liars? I mean they screamed second hand smoke. they been screaming Radon Gas also. Buck, which one are they lying on?

Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers

My point is that the issue at hand is smoking in public; thereby causing others to inhale portions of your addiction. Your repeated attempts (on other message boards)to “muddy the waters” with several other issues have failed.

My regards to Musician.

Sara Walker
Sara Walker

Oh dear…no one is aware that biz (especially bars) are failing – horribly. However what I have found so very funny about this smoking ban is the attitutde that “Big Tobacco” is bad! Guess who sponsored the smoking ban? BIG PHARMA – think I’m wrong? Listen to your radio for the “free NicoDerm Patches” Ad. So Mr. Esrati endorses the “other” tempest in the teapot – what a joke! I can’t wait until the sales revenues come out for this quarter with the OH Dept of Commerce – all of you in favor of the ban will eat your words – re: new non-smoking patrons at bars = better sales. Where the hell are you?? So anyone who thinks that a smoking ban won’t “hurt” business had better fork over the $1M it takes to start a restaurant. What? Not willing to do that? Then stay home – I would really perfer it. Oh wait – you already do that! Hence the “Independent” Restaurants have to get a web site – funny they didn’t need that prior to the ban – and don’t give me that crap about The Greenes – every been there – it’s awful! Funny how Franco – the biggest non-smoking advocate EVER – has to buy a billboard for his restaurant (wonder what THAT cost him???). Never needed that before did he? What a “great” way to bring business to Dayton! Go back to school for ECON 101.


Many bars and restaurants are hurting – for a variety of reasons – including but not limited to smoking. But still, others thrive, businesses must adjust, be creative and inovative to have a respectable place in the market. Liberals want someone else to pay for it, and they are now paying for it – costing people their family businesses and putting people out of work. There will be a day we see that many situations, including smoking, are way too harmful to any human, and we shall vote to get rid of these things. You may not think some fat ass is costing me money, but my insurance is a lot higher because people are too fat – I want my money back. And when all is said in done, the tree huggers and the free spirited liberals who want to support local bar and restaurants will find themselves having to DRIVE to a chain restaurant to satisfy their needs for a night out. They always fuck themselves. VOTE LIBERTARIAN – stop telling people what to do.

Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers

Claims of “bars and restaurants hurting” are common. The fact remains that bars and restaurants thrive in locations where bans already exist. Over half the US population is now under ban. Pro-tobacco predictions of calamity simply have not come true anywhere.

IF your Big-Pharma claims are true the difference is that Big Tobacco is selling a product that has not one single positive value. Their product leads only to wasted money and ruined health. It is fine with me if you choose that life style. But many of us prefer not to join you. Thus you need to step outside to smoke.


unfortunately it is not smoke free at Tumbleweed Connection in the Oregon District….. hope everyone is fine


Whipeee BUCK your buddies at the Ohio Tobacco Foundation got fired! Yeper their fat paychecks of over $93,0000 a year, going out for vacation resort board meetings paid for by our tax dollars, losing $26 million on the stock market of our tax dollars in one quarter are over with!
Buck I have the OTPF Board meeting minutes and it is really amazing to see! The usage of the OTPF to lobby with our dollars , the OTPF actually writing smoking bans was not in withen their powers.
Buck your in for some surprises! Oh Buck by the way as you had stated in the Newark Advocate you loved Tracey Sabetta you might tell her to loose about 40lbs, as we know Tracey Sabetta wants to encourage others to live a healthy life style!
Buck with RADON GAS at 400% above the EPA limit it is the same as smoking 8 packs of cigarettes a day! Bring a baby home from the hospital and put a baby into that? Where is you mind at Buck? Radon gas national causes 20% of all lung cancer, that national radon levels. At 400% above you could say 50% of the people that get lung cancer in licking county is because of Radon Gas! Buck , lung cancer is lung cancer and you allow it to happen to babies?
Oh Buck Tracey is married!
Buck looking through the information and linking who makes the money is really fun man, I smoke packs now with friends over this. Oh Buck where I live the Health department goes home at 5PM and the ash trays come out!
Gene at the way Smoke Free Ohio wrote the law even the fireplace at Cracker Barrel was illegal, and Tumbleweed I guess would need to closed its doors as well as the law stated
” burning of any plant” and “must be construed in the most liberal sense to establish a smoke free environment” by the way food cooked over wood contains carcinogens!

Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers

MY GOD BILLY GET OVER IT!!! You have places to smoke and I seldom encounter public smoking now. Problem solved.

But…..it seems you cannot comprehend “love” for another human being nor the meaning of “a smoking device” so my guess is there is little hope for you.


Buck amazing what utter disrespect for freedom can you have by not only disgracing December 7, 1941 but also September 11, 2001. Buck on both those day we saw radicals such as yourself throw compromise out the door, the enemy used bloody force whereas you used deceitful language and abuse of power to get your way.
Private Clubs and family owned businesses were exempt per ballot language, to bad your American Cancer Society Attorney hepled the Ballot Board write the language as a bait and switch.
In PA the Ban Law stated Truck stops that cater to long haul truckers that offer a shower for fee were exempt (THAT WAS LAW LANGUAGE) they gave it to the PA Health Department and they screwed with it. Bottom line Buck I wouldn’t trust your organization with a dime let alone a buck!

Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers

How do you live with yourself showing utter disrespect for the right of others to be free of YOUR nicotine addiction? Your addiction blinds you to ANY compromise. Ballot language and ACS have already been discussed. You don’t understand it. So be it.

You are addicted to alcohol and nicotine. You are not very bright. You are a bit nuts. You have already threatened violence to get your way.

As stated above, you have places to smoke. I seldom see public smoking now. What’s your problem?


Business is down for musicians.
Went down when the bans came in, not with Wall Street last year.
That just adding frosting to the fallen cake.

Needs to be some compromise here, that’s for sure and the ballot language of Issue 5 needs to do what it says concerning the exemptions for private clubs and family owned establishments.

Sure am glad I don’t own a bar. The bar owners are just eeking it through these rough times.
Serving drinks and having people there to drink them is why they are there.

My line of work is a frill for them and the first to be cut when times are rough.
No one can argue that.


Buck Rodgers “You are addicted to alcohol and nicotine. You are not very bright. You are a bit nuts. ” I have not drank since 1989 except for one toast at my sons wedding.
Buck Rodgers “You have already threatened violence to get your way.” Oh Buck please tell the readers where that happened, who and when!
That Buck that is slander for which you could be sued for!
As far as being nuts goes your post is very enlightening to non smokers as to how radical your organization of anti smokers is! Buck you are aware of ASH ()a ant smokers web site) that has even put upon the Internet how to spike cigarettes to kill smokers
Hmm Buck I recall; the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY caught lying in the Columbus Dispatch where they claimed a threat had been made against them and they left the Ohio Department of Health’s open public meeting. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol no threats were made at the meeting and no one was encouraged to leave the meeting. What a disgrace! Truth was the ACS plans the meeting in order to stack there side of info and knowing attention span allows opponent’s very limited time to present themselves after the press leaves. Buck do you want the ANTI SMOKERS INSTRUCTIONAL HAND BOOK , HOW to buy city hall and government quoted? We could do that! Rant on Buck I really have more important things to do like formulating the end to the NON PROFIT STATUS of the American Cancer Society’s rip off of America. Oh since the ACS gets federal funds I suggest their CEO and consolidated division leaders take a pay cut as the National CEO gets $1,000,000 a year and divisional directors like Ohio get $500,000 a year! Not bad for a so called loving , caring non profit organization! lol


Yo Bucky Rogers, you’re just the kind of selfish person who thinks only you have rights that I have been searching for. I want to get a ban on fish in restaurants, bars, and all other establishments in the state of Ohio, Ya see, I hate fish and the odor of fish and I don’t give a hoot what the private property business owners think, I don’t like fish odor to get on my skin, clothes and hair and bathing is to much of a problem for me so hey guy, wanna help me destroy privately owned businesses in Ohio because I have a selfish whim like you do for smoking?

Screw the owners who lose investments and families of employees who suffer, shut them down if they refuse to bend to my selfish whims, right guy? We could join up and create destruction on business property that neither of us own by using your smoke free for selfish non owning people to get my fish ban.
Whatcha say guy, and I despise brown shoes also, lord we could have a ball with bans just use the smoke free model to get the Ohio smoking ban by any means including lies and deceits. Are you up for more lies and deceits?

Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers

This is SO rich. You sit around bars until closing time even though you don’t drink. LOL! You want to eliminate First Amendment rights on the Internet of all places. Are you aware that it is also known as the WORLD WIDE WEB and as such has very little regulation? LOL! But you want to demand your “right to smoke” which is not in the Constitution. LOL!

Who would have guessed Musician would show up wherever Billy is? And only 22 minutes apart! What a coincidence.

Cigarettes kill smokers without being spiked. Did you not know that? Since you are too stupid to know that smoking wastes your health and your money these REALLY complex ideas befuddle you.

As you know, but will deny, it was YOU who wondered out loud what would happen if you “confronted” Tracy outside the relative safety of the hearing room. You did not do that within earshot of the OHP. Even if you had the OHP already knows that emotionally charged issues bring out the occasional crackpot. No harm, no foul. Just talk. They pick their battles.

As pointed out by Billy, the hardcore and the desperate continue to allow smoking. So what’s the problem? It seems to me that this worked out perfectly. Or did you prefer that ALL places permit smoking? I hear musicians on the radio every day.

The ballot initiative process is available in Ohio. You are free to start the process regarding fish or shoes or whatever. Go for it.

Meanwhile try to brush up on the numerous ways that government regulates business regarding health and safety of employees and customers. ALL the arguments presented here have been tried. They lost in the courts.

Smoking bans contiue to proliferate. Wake up and smell the coffee.


Buck where does it say you have the right to trespass upon private property in the US Constitution and a Private Club is that! As far as bars go since your radical bans have been enacted in some states that is the only place I as a smoker can even go into to enjoy a cigarette and hopefully by a cup of coffee. Now that makes real good sense Buck take me a non drinker and force him into a bar just so he can get a shelter that is at least as protective as what law requires for the kind treatment of animals.
As far as court goes Buck tell all how the American Cancer Society set up the Franklin County Kangaroo court!
Buck its now OK for you to check into some mental care units as they are now smokefree! Please do!

Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers

What about the blue angels?


Put that in CAPITAL LETTERS Buck UNITED STATES NAVY BLUE ANGELS simply the best in the world , but since they pollute the air with tons of carcinogens I guess you’d want to ban them also?
You are a hoot Buck with a imagination you say “As you know, but will deny, it was YOU who wondered out loud what would happen if you “confronted” Tracy outside the relative safety of the hearing room. ” Well Buck let’s get this straight not from your imagination but from the Ohio State Highway Patrol ” No threat was made at the open public Ohio Department of Health meeting for public input no one was advised to leave. Now the spokesperson for the American Cancer Society said ” The Highway Patrol advised them that a threat was made against them and requested they leave early” That is what was reported in the Columbus Dispatch! Get your story straight, oops I forgot the ACS can’t do that!

Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers
Billy: That all happened roughly two years ago. As I said “No harm, no foul.” No doubt all concerned see it that way. This is a big deal to you because you want to proclaim your innocence as though anything might ever be done about it. Nevertheless, the TRUTH is you muttered aloud about your desire to “confront” Tracy. You expressed the very same desire on some of the numerous forums that you frequented at the time. You posted using your full given name at the time. The Zanesville newspaper knew that you were the person wanting to “confront” Tracy. Your 6/25/07 post above is actually mild relative to your numerous posts at numerous forums at the time. Any reader could discern that you are a bit unstable. Anyone in the hearing room could discern that. Thus we are back to “No harm, no foul.” The OHP chose to let sleeping dogs lie. We all escaped without incident to live another day and let emotions cool. That was their mission. You do not believe me but I am well aware of the Vietnam experience. HOWEVER previously I reminded you of John Goodman’s character in the movie Big Lebowski. EVERYTHING does not go back to Vietnam. Many of us have seen the Arizona but it does not remind us of smoking. It takes years to partially escape traumatic stress. Billy it’s been 40 years! Get some help. I put my ass on the line because I had a low lottery number. Smoking “rights” never occurred to me. My son volunteered for two Iraq tours. Smoking “rights” never occurred to him. He voted for the ban in fact. You can continue to play the drama queen if you like but most of us recognize it for what it is. You have places to smoke. We have places without smoke. What is your problem with that? BTW I do not represent the ACS. I think air shows are a gross waste of our limited supply of petroleum. The entertainment value does not offset the danger to performers and spectators.