20 years on Bonner Street

28 January 1986- while most of us were still reeling from watching the space shuttle Challenger explosion- I went to the title company and bought my first house. 20 years later- I’m still living here (a huge surprise to me- since the longest I’d ever lived in the same place was 7 years).

I bought this house for $14,500. In those days you could have bought every house on the block for that. Since then, we’ve had sales of $112,000, $120,000 and $128,000 on and my house appraises at over $135,000. I like to think I’ve been part of the reason for the appreciation- since I also own my office on the corner (bought the day the stock market crashed in Oct. of 1998 for $2,200 cash and a promise to pay the $2,400 in back taxes) and the two shotgun cottages that each cost more than the house and office together ($19,500 each). Around to corner on Adams Street, I partnered with master carpenter Bob Thade, of Thade Construction to rehab 222 Adams- which we bought for $52,000 and sold for $133,000 2 years later. (If you are looking for a great contractor for historic rehab in Dayton OH- Thade is your guy- no website- but you can reach him at 937-256-5290).

South Park has changed a lot since I bought this place. We’re probably close to 70% neighborhood owned now- instead of 70% absentee landlord owned. People know each other and watch out for each other. My neighbors are great and the street is relatively quiet.

So- last night I threw my annual once a year bash to celebrate. I am lucky to have so many friends. At one point laws were being broken- with Mayor McLin here and Commissioners Whaley and Williams. I did my best to make sure they didn’t huddle to choose the new city manager over baklava.

While not a native Daytonian, this is home. I’m lucky to have so many wonderful, bright and fun friends- from all walks of life. It was an amazing party- to celebrate 20 years on Bonner Street.

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