Don’t tell me Ohio is business friendly

Just after writing about Bill Rain leaving the state for greener pastures, Nicole Gianuglou called me. You don’t know Nicole, but she’s a criminal according to the Ohio State board of pharmacy. Her crime: using the word “Apothecary” as part of her business name; “Preen Apothecary.”
Now, 95% of the population have no idea what the word means, and the other 5% have been reading too much of “Elle,” “Cosmo” and the like- because it’s the new hip term for beauty care- with that old school feel.
It’s so hip and cool that “Bigelow Chemists” (also a name that is only good for real pharmacies in the State of Ohio) has a whole section of their site called “apothecary.” What, you’ve never heard of C.O. Bigelow either- but they are the “oldest apothecary in America” and owned by Les Wexner and Limited Brands.
This is another case of bureaucrats getting paid too much to protect their jobs instead of the public- in this case it’s “Jess Wimberly” who is a “compliance agent” for the state pharmacy board.
Nicole is facing up to a $250 fine and 30 days in jail- a forth degree misdemeanor, the same type of charge that the City tried to pile on me for the mask case.
I know we’ll all feel safer with Nicole in jail, and not confusing us like CO Bigelow does with their .75 ml Marvis Jasmin Mint Toothpaste that they sell for $8.95 a tube.

Nicole’s store is:
Preen Apothecary – she doesn’t have a site yet.
you can e-mail her at nicole at Preenapothecary dot com
Preen has moved- here is their current info:

2508 Far Hills Ave.
Oakwood OH 45419
937 293.1818

new phone number too.

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