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The fall of Aaron Hartley

This is the fifth installment of the saga of one bad lawyer run amok.
The first story I published on August 2nd 2021 was “How does a lawyer as bad as Aaron P Hartley still get to practice law in Kettering?” [1] and that should have prompted some local news attention. It’s not every day that a lawyer gets found guilty of assault. But, it wasn’t just the assault- it was the civil suit about sexual harassment as an employer and forcing an employee to have sex as a condition of getting and keeping a job. The brief was salacious. There were also a lot of other pending lawsuits. All in all, it was a shit storm in the making.
Right after publishing that- with the input of multiple victims, more victims came forward. Similar stories. Lawyers told me they’d known he was a train wreck. His addictions were water cooler talk.

Aug 14 I posted article two- wondering why if it appears on Esrati.com it doesn’t seem to be important. This wasn’t all about Aaron Hartley- it was also about the lawsuit I’d filed in Federal Court to get access to tapes of Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley that were played to the Grand Jury in the “Culture of Corruption” case. Is it news? Or is it Esrati? [2]
August 30, I reminded my readers of more than a few stories that had developments. Hartley was on record as giving up on being a lawyer- and his trial dates kept getting moved- it was a small bit of a long post. When no news isn’t good news [3]
September 18, Hartley’s date with a judge got postponed yet again- and I demanded an explanation of why this was taking forever. I shared some other victims stories. Justice delayed is a legal strategy that needs to end: The saga of Aaron Hartley [4]

Somehow I missed the Sept 10th filing by the judge of an explanation for the delays. Maybe it’s because Kettering Courts current Public Records aren’t really public- you have to ask for them. If this was indeed filed on the 10th- the day after a telephonic conference to set dates- it may go down as the fastest filing by a judge in history.

Judges itinerary Sept 10 ADA

Apparently, this last post was too much for Aaron Hartley and he went to Facebook to rant- on the night of 22 September into the morning of 23 Sept. He’d been off FB since July 5th- and in a stream of consciousness he shared what he really thought was going on. And while plenty of people forwarded me screenshots- I could just go to Facebook and copy and paste. I did- and sent it to the Kettering Prosecutor.

Some choice excerpts- and I’m editing because he doesn’t deserve the pulpit:

I’ve been begged to take this down, but no. You really need to be aware, fully, of my thoughts. Michelle, again, you need to thank me for my forbearance. You are so very, very, very welcome for my patience with you, my kindness, and my forebearance. You are a blessed, lucky girl.. It’s not a threat. It’s simply a statement of fact. You are a blessed, lucky woman. Must be nice to be you and to have the complete freedom to facilitate allegations that an attorney has choked his own daughter, his very best friend. And to continue, to perpetuate,, and to reinforce the accusation. I couldn’t imagine needing money that much. To be that desperate. But, God has blesssed me. May God bless you. When this is over, my license will be gone, or yours will be. With your general level of bullshittery, I’d say handbags at three paces. In this instance it’s pistols at ten.. I do not want to hear your continued bullshit about how you didn’t know about the DVCPO until after it was filed. You’re a liar. You know you are. And I will take over your IT systems to prove it. You can’t have a fire like Anne, you can’t have a saving EM pulse. You are done if you persist with this fuckery.

Wait. Here’s my daughter. Who I allegedly choked in October 2020. Michelle Macriowski, [6] I’m still waiting on your thanks for a bullet not being placed in your brain (emp added). I. Want. A . Thank. You. I. Demand. It. You. silly. FAT. CUNT. That’s an ancronyn of course. I’m going to take your fucking law license from you. You didn’t even file under the correct case number. MORON. That’s also an acronym.

As long as I get paid. I’ll be here. Please realize that the douche bags of the world are trying to strangle me, through my girls, and my money through my practice. And I bought a 130jk car to get myself off of the couch. It’s gots lots of modes; but there is one. I’m going to run it in race mode until Kettering arrests me. Again.

Oh, FYI, the reason I insist on my FB back, no taksies backses, is that I’m hurting without mu daily/morning Fairhaven prayer. You awful, evil, malicious, wicked, woman took that from me.

Your TS clearance was to expire March 2020. And you came home. just in time. Rofl. Proove I’m a cook, a crackpot, deranged, a terrible father. Protect your TS clearance and application. Do it. Rofl. _____, my dear, you are done. Just wait. Watch….

It’s amazing. Despite the bullshit, I was actually elected to the big boy SuperLaeyer list for 2022. Not an under forty rising star super lawyer. No. The big boy list. SuperLawyer. While I pay them no money. While corrupt Kettering tries to get me. Fuuuuuuuuuyuck you. Rofl. Life is fun.

Precinct. Us. My best bud and Howley and Jeff. Who can be a dick (cough *howley*). Best thing about Rob is that while meeting me, his wife was meeting President Trump. Who won. The election. That we didn’t have. I challenge you yokels to remember the last time we stopped counting ballots. Let alone where there are half a million leads in ballots. Only in 2020. After a 27 trillion dollar economy was destroyed. In order to redistribute wealth. I can’t work harder than I do. So, pay me my money, let me work, and—if you feel like it—praise me. And let the fake, negative reviews simply affirm their fear. Love you all.

This money needs to go to the church. Instead I’m putting babies through med school. What a waste of my time (and money) you are. (photo of stacks of “Diamonds Dollars” from the strip club)

So glad to have my FB back, without taking ANYTHING back. Love you all.

Or just charge me with a crime. I think it’s hilarious that my wife’s attorney had aspirations to be member of the bench, rather than bar. How’s being de-robed and—Aaron Hartley, fuck you—a prosecutor working out for you, daily? Are you being put through your paces? I heard you that were. From the bench. Rofl. Do you think that I give a fck that Matt Heck took pity on you and made you a prosecutor after you were de-robed? Rofl. Being of counsel, to a firm that I regularly kick the shit out of, has to be better then being the litigation manager of a department of one, yourself. Bring it. You are facilitating this bullshit. Let me know when you are awake. Then I’ll act.

Love how I can’t edit my posts. Fb just won’t let me add to or edit. Amazing. Particularly when they contain references to the power of the blood of Christ. I’m still standing. And I’m going to keep curb-stomping as an attorney.

Does it surprise anyone that a Brannon attack dog, (Esratti, Army SF) devotes his time to me (when my wife is at Army post, having affair w Army dude, also SF)? Rofl. After my wife had an affair 2 months into our marriage with an army SF dude (Drew)? The DDN called and asked whether I was worried about the Brannon’s suing me (ayfkm? The chic who put my hr manual, including my sexual harassment policy, into place, is suing me two years after fact? A few days before 6 year limitation became 2? Rofl. Fck off and die). I told them to fck off and call my ethics attorney. No DDN story. So sad. Only Esrati, the super-journalist, serving the public. Rofl. So sad, that people like Esratti make money like they do. He better give information warfare advice along lines of “better buy your domain name, baby.” It’s all going to come out.

You threatened to destroy me. To ruin me. To take my daughters from me. You are a simple cunt. Who also happens to be a whore. Not very Christian of me to speak truth like this. But, it is said in love. Someday, perhaps, you will be able to acknowledge same.

In the meantime. I’m bringing in … a lot more money than you. And you bought a new 40k Infiniti. Rofl. I thought to myself “fckthis sociopath and and my sociopathic baby mama.” I’m buying myself 130k fuck you badass machine. While I tithe. And support kids through international child fund.

It’s all public.


You are so dumb. Sell house. Or get out of it.

________________you know how it is. Making money. CUNTS., like Anne Harvey [7] nipping at my heels. Wait was “ C.U.N.T” Not obviously “Care-women who loves me so mUch that my heart stretches aNd is always broken by her love for me, always and Truly..” Yes, that’s what it means. And what I meant by the term. Because, I’m sweet.

Throughout this stream of shit rant- his facebook friends begged him to stop- to take it down- to delete.

And about a day later- his page was gone- poof.

A few things- it’s sort of bad to threaten another lawyer with a bullet in her head. It’s also not good to talk bad about other lawyers. It’s one of those things the legal profession frowns upon. And for the record, I served with US Army Special Forces, but never completed the Q course. So, I’m not really SF, even though I was on an A-Team in the reserves. And, I’m not a Brannon anything. Just for the record. I know Judge David Brannon and his father Dwight, I’ve met Doug a few times- and he thanked me for securing the video of the second pepper spraying of an inmate in restraints in the jail and publishing that story [8].

Today, I received a few documents via a public records request of the Kettering Clerk of Courts. Apparently, it didn’t take long after Hartley’s deranged Facebook rant for his current attorney to abandon him. See the September 30 filing: Sept 30 Stadnicar motion to withdraw

But- then it gets worse.

On Sept 24, two days after I sent the Facebook rant to the prosecutor- they filed for:

Now comes the State of Ohio, by and through the prosecuting attorney, and hereby moves this Court to revoke Defendant’s bond and order that he be detained pending trial, pursuant to Crim_ R. 46(A) [10]. Alternatively, the State requests that the Court set conditions of release and supervise Defendant as permitted by Crim. R. 46(B)(2)….

In light of Defendant’s abusive and threatening messages directed towards the victim of the offense and his violation of the order of protection issued in her favor, the State respectfully requests that the Court revoke Defendant’s bond and order that he be detained pending trial to protect the victim and the public.

Hartley pretirial detention ADA

Which probably means Hartley has an ankle bracelet and is living in a semi-supervised environment.

There is supposed to be a hearing next week. Who knows who will be assigned to defend this sad excuse for an attorney. He’s burned every bridge he has.

And still, not a peep out of the mainstream media.

Remember, you read it first here on Esrati.com

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