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Montgomery County Board of (S)Elections once again breaks the law and screws voters

This is getting to be ridiculous. A board, selected by the two major political parties, who are run by people that are controlled by people already in office, make sure that voters are ignored.

Today, an incumbent, who filed 487 signatures to run for Dayton Board of Education- who had valid signatures (300 required) was rejected from being on the ballot on a “technicality.” I’ll circle back to the technicality shortly.

This has to stop. There were to be 4 seats voted on, and now we only have 3 candidates. So, Karen Wick Gagnet is now going to run as a write in. Maybe Crystal Phillips- whose petitions were also rejected might do the same, but a majority of people will vote for 3 on the ballot- guaranteeing that former board member- Joe Lacey gets back on.

Why do I dislike the idea of Joe Lacey back on the school board? Watch this video (it’s recently been one of my most popular).

It has garnered over 21,655 views since it was posted on Nov 23, 2016, but the comments and views keep coming. Most of the 113 comments so far say the same thing: “Fire the entire board, and elect new members.” Slight problem- in Ohio, there is no way to fire them. You can’t recall them. You can’t even enforce the residency requirement- as I tried to do with Joe’s buddy- Adil Baguirov who I’d caught red-handed living outside the district.
\You can read this post: International Man of Mystery: Adil Baguirov [1] which introduces the problem. Then, you can read how he illegally got $250,000 from overseas- days after getting “elected” [2] (he was unopposed) and how I finally got him to resign with less than 7 weeks left in his term: Baguirov’s resignation isn’t enough [3]

Then find out more about who he really was: Baku’s Man in America – is Dayton’s own Adil Baguirov [4]

So, let’s get this straight- no one would remove Baguirov from office even though he didn’t live in the district, lied about his place of residence, committed voter fraud registering at a fake address etc- but, Karen Wick Gagnet, who had been elected, served, and now has over 300 good voter signatures is being denied her place on the ballot- because- of this new to me technicality- that there was no petition with “wet ink” in her filed petitions- ie- they were all copies of the original- and somehow- that negates the “wet signatures” of 487 voters.

We’ve seen so many different ways of rejecting candidates- and then, they wonder why there are only 3 candidates for 4 seats. May I also point out- that it only takes 50 signatures to run for Congress and it takes 300 to run for Dayton School Board.

I could rail more about this- but, frankly, you can just go look at all the other posts [5] I’ve put up over the years about this kangaroo court that has outsize power over elections in Ohio.

We elect a county coroner, a county engineer, and yet- we only elect one person to oversee elections in the entire state- the “Secretary of State.”

We pay these criminals at the board of elections way too much. And, in fact, I’m not even sure that what they send out for a meeting notice passes muster for a public record- since it has no ACTUAL actionable information on it.

Agenda 8.16.21

I’m tired of filing lawsuits- but, this one almost begs a legal challenge. Too bad our courts are just as rigged by the political parties with their secret agreements not to ever challenge a judge in office.

If you allow this insanity to continue- we’ll continue to get horrible elected people in office. If you need proof- go back and look at Joe or Adil.

Btw- in case you are wondering- the 3 shoe in’s for 4 seats:


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I wouldn’t vote to elect ANYONE that is up for re-election this time around on that Board. I’ll take Mr Lacey, who at least isn’t going to rubber stamp anything, over the incumbents. I don’t know anything about Ms Goodwine. I hope she gets some information out to the folks who will be voting.

Dave C.

Joe Lacey? A grown man wearing a hoodie to speak in public? No way.

Pat F

David please wake up. The MCBOE is a great example of how the political parties are one in the same. They are BOTH controlled and maintained by the same puppet masters. Find out who they are and expose them or until they label you a domestic terrorist and arrest you. You expose and expose and nothing happens dude wake the F UP. You are sitting on the deck of the titanic hoping to fix it by moving the deck furniture around it is over. You probably voted in 2020 and for Biden, dumber than a Trump voter. You are part of the problem not the solution.

Pat F

Why don’t you run for DPS school board David? Do you know what you would improve? NOTHING!! Mr. so smart can expose this stuff which is great and certainly more than I do but you achieve nothing. I thought you had a military background? What is your objective? How are you going to achieve it? Soon you will be just an old crank. Make a move get elected and show us how it is done or shut up! Be a real leader.