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Dayton Children’s hires local firm for logo and doesn’t fail

The University of Dayton went to Philly for its athletics rebrand- resulting in the infamous “VD Logo.” [1]

Wright State University went to Florida for a rebrand, that was announced and renounced within 2 weeks [2].

And yet, we have plenty of highly qualified local design shops in town- that do work for some of the best in the business.

Happy to share that Dayton Children’s is proud of its specialists right here in Dayton- and put its money where iys mouth is – hiring Dayton talent to manage a brand that locals know best.

Dayton Children's 2016 logo done by local Dayton firm Graphica [3]Dayton Children’s Hospital will use a new logo and brand strategy as the hospital transitions into nearly $200 million in expansion work on its buildings and specialization additions in pediatric care.

The new logo, which will be unveiled today by hospital officials, is a vibrant new take on Dayton’s aviation history, meant to resemble the toy whirligig that inspired Orville and Wilbur Wright to attempt to build a life-size helicopter from scrap.

“It is time to take the Wright brothers’ lead and invent a new future,” said Deborah Feldman, Dayton Children’s president and CEO. “Using the icon that was their inspiration will guide us to always soar to new heights for kids.

”The hospital will convert the old logos on all its properties to the new logo over the course of the next year.

New projects, including the hospital’s $141 million, 260,000-square-foot, eight-story patient tower currently under construction on its main campus at One Children’s Plaza, and a $47.5 million expansion of its Springboro campus also will bear the new logo when completed.

The new logo, designed by Miamisburg-based Graphica [4], is more than just a new moniker for the pediatric hospital, which annually serves more than 290,000 children and families from 20 Ohio counties and eastern Indiana, according to Feldman. It’s a way to further everyone’s understanding of what Dayton Children’s is, and what it has to offer, she said.

“To me, the brand comes second to what we actually do,” Feldman said. “But what we found out from our brand research was that even though we have made significant changes … some folks didn’t know about the extensive amount of specialty care and specialists we have here that are really nationally and world-known. So what we wanted folks to know is that we’ve got that right here in Dayton.”

Source: Dayton Children’s new logo inspired by Wright brothers [5]

When it comes to discussing branding, I think my 26 years in advertising and design qualifies me to say- this logo is a winner, and done by some very competent people.
In fact- in the post about the UD fiasco- I provided a list of more than qualified firms- and included Graphica in the list. [1]

Glad to see that at least one local leader understands the true value of buying local.

There is a wealth of talent in this community- all you have to do is believe.

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Maybe they read your Blog. : )


This should be happening all the time using local talent and keeping the monies in our area and economy. We should support the individuals and businesses that make up our region.

Just a hint to our so called leaders; guess what, you reward projects here at home and will not only help retain current population and businesses; we might attract new ones and people will want to stay and more will have pride in their city and move here.

The leaders forgot we were the Gem city. We can make it happen again by taping into our own neighborhoods and local talent and not have outsiders taking our money and leaving for another state or outsourced to some foreign land; if we stay here people will have incentives to do a great job and will be rewarded. Better quality with less expense and people that will be interested in the place they live.

It will take new blood to break the cycle in leadership.


I sure hope that the DDN is investigating how WSU came to hire the Florida firm to develop their (now failed) new logo. It could be that everything was aboveboard. However, since WSU “can’t handle themselves” every decision made by the Hopkins administration must be viewed with great skepticism.


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