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Youtube doesn’t want you to know about the chaos at Thurgood Marshall High School

Apparently- it’s ok to show the life being squeezed out of George Floyd, or pepper spraying people in restraints at the Montgomery County Jail, or even a fight at Ponitz where a teacher was dragged down the hall, but showing a melee at Thurgood Marshall High School yesterday, is violating the Youtube Terms of Service.
I called for the removal of Dr. Libby Lolli who has spent millions on consultants, HR contracts, and has run a district into the ground- causing a mass exodus of educational leadership. Her moving 24 of 28 building leaders was an indication of how out of touch she is with the principles of good leadership.

I posted a video calling for her ouster last night on Youtube- with yet another huge fight at a DPS high school. I was attacked personally for bringing this video to the attention of the community. (hint- every high schooler in DPS has seen it already). I was told that I was a Trumper- a loser- the problem.

Youtube said the video violated their standards- yet, they had no problems with another video long ago of a fight at Ponitz where a teacher was dragged down the hall, which was one of the video I cited in my defense:

I am a citizen journalist in Dayton Ohio. This is no different than the video of George Floyd being killed by a police officer.
Our schools are in chaos due to an incompetent school superintendent who has systematically destroyed all leadership in the buildings.
This has been an ongoing story.
I ask that review other videos- about Dayton Public Schools on my channel.
https://youtu.be/vJ77EDYSv5o [1]
https://youtu.be/kbBlyAgGu90 [2]
https://youtu.be/hjJcOp2wjqc [3]
https://youtu.be/KRYb6uvlom4 [4]
https://youtu.be/kZYoFy6zH0U [5]
https://youtu.be/vDbrsHDt94c [6]
Please- restore this video.
This video isn’t putting children in danger- the public not knowing what kind of schools we have is dangerous to the safety of our community.
Does the victims age make this video OK?
https://youtu.be/vVKPpQsB7pg [7]
Youtube refused to take down the video- and has banned me from uploading for a week.
Luckily, I have my own website- and the ability to host my own video and display it here.
The crazy thing is the number of people who suggest that this behavior is “normal” and “acceptable.”
It is not. That’s the real problem. Not me exposing it.
As to blurring faces- there is no guarantee of privacy in public. There is a freedom of the press, there is a freedom of speech, and there are no protections of your bad behavior based on your age if you choose to break the law.
The Dayton Daily news now has a story [9], but is not showing the video. Lolli is increasing security at both Dunbar and Thurgood Marshall.


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Scott Sliver's Soul Patch

Sure all the kids saw it. We don’t need a wannabe public official like you promoting it and leveraging your hustling brand with it, just like we didn’t need to see the black murder-porn of George Floyd. This is why you will always print signs for people and will never hold an elected office in Dayton.

What kind of narrative are you trying to push? Something tells me it’s more than trying to disgrace Lolli.

Ice Bandit

…”World Star, World Star”…