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Witch hunt justice in Dayton

When the feds announced they were indicting 4 Black men on April 30, 2019 as part of a “culture of corruption” [1]I asked how this micky mouse clown crew rated the perp walk- when no one was indicted at Wright State for the loss of tens of millions.

Joey D. Williams got out after 3 months and 21 days of a measly 1 year sentence. He plead guilty to corruption charges. He ran for office after he’d agreed to a plea deal. He defrauded the citizens when he resigned- and cost them a lot of money for a special election, (in other words- the fed’s perpetuated fraud on the citizens by letting a guy who’d become a Confidential Informant- to avoid more jail time- run for office).

Brian Higgins, never convicted of anything, spent 68 days in the federal pen for an “evaluation.” Clayton Luckie did 3 months- RoShawn Winburn- may be the unluckiest- with a 1 year sentence for accepting bags of cash from Mike Marshall, an FBI “CI” who was already a loser by all accounts.

According to the Fed prisoner registry [2]:

Register Number: 78260-061
Age: 47
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Release Date: UNKNOWN
Location: Not in BOP custody
in the meantime, let’s look at some other crimes that have gone unpunished.
Starting with Dayton Public Schools- where when I found a board member, Dr. Adil Baguirov, [3] who didn’t even live in the district, committed voter fraud by registering at a false address, illegally negotiated large contracts as a board member
    • Chromebook purchases,
    • the sale of the Patterson Co-Op site to Caresource – with whom he did business with,
    • and the purchase of an entire bus fleet with a questionable 10 year warranty on a 7 year asset

Never mind he took part in hiring Rhonda Corr, who they later paid off to go away.

No investigation, no charges, nothing.

Then we have Dr. Elizabeth Lolli, who was hired by Corr, the failure, and has proceeded to get paid and raises despite failure after failure costing the district millions. There have been multiple questionable HR contracts all resulting in failure and massive turnover in the district. A 3 year contract with the university of Virginia for $450K that was abandoned after 2 years and at least $250K wasted. [4] Constant turnover in the transportation department- and an absolute inability to actually get students to the schools where they may learn- if she had any control over any of the buildings. We’ve seen brawls, stabbings, teachers attacked, football games thrown, coaches belittled, principals shuffled more often than at a poker table in Vegas. We still don’t know the costs of her moving HQ across the street, but we do know, that she’s also not been able to keep a “business manager” in place- despite hiring the City Managers husband without a real search. If the FBI was looking for corruption- DPS is full of fraud and mismanagement that borders on the illegal.

So when I see the Warren Country Prosecutor charging former Springboro Superintendent Dan Schroer with:

five counts of tampering with records, two counts of theft in office, two counts of filing a false disclosure statement, and six counts of representation by public official or employer. The tampering with records and theft charges are felonies and the filing a false disclosure statement and representation by public official or employer are misdemeanors, according to the grand jury report.

Source: Ex-superintendent arraigned on falsifying records charges – Dayton Daily News [5]

I have to laugh.

“He stands accused of receiving more than $15,000 in connection to falsified records and personal checks and cash from district vendors, employees and school board members.”

Wait, the prosecutor is only going after Schoer for $15K- yet-

Schroer is also accused of soliciting and receiving $6,800 in cash from board of education members Dave Stuckey and Charles Anderson.

Superintendents are required to disclose finances, including any loans of more than $1,000, to the Ohio Ethics Commission, according to Fornshell.

He resigned from Springboro Community City Schools in 2019 after reaching a $115,000 separation agreement with the district. The agreement came two weeks after he was placed on leave.

So, he got loans from the same people, who voted to pay him $115,000 to go away, and they aren’t being charged as well? Did the prosecutor even think this through? Or are elected officials just plain unwilling to ever do their jobs when it comes to other elected officials?

And considering the prosecutor probably invested more than $15K in this investigation:

In October 2019, the Ohio Auditor of State opened an investigation into Schroer after an accounting firm for the school district reported inconsistencies with sick leave, vacation days and mileage reimbursements Schroer submitted, according to Fornshell.

The investigation found Schroer falsified records 16 times. Using cellphone tower data, credit card and ATM records and other evidence, investigators determined Schroer was reimbursed $1,291.66 for travel that either didn’t happen or was not related to the district.

Investigators also referred Schroer to the Ohio Ethics Commission after finding other financial irregularities.

When I found out Adil Baguirov received $250,000 from the “Azerbaijani Laundromat” [6] not long after he was elected- and tried to report it- no one cared.

And, when Richard Clay Dixon was Mayor of Dayton and worked at DPS, he finally got caught for taking sick days at DPS when traveling on city business- and he barely got his wrist slapped. This only came out after he broke his watch on my head after I talked about how his record setting donations to his campaign were probably coming from people who wanted to build a landfill on the West Side- a true statement, but one he didn’t think should be spoken about.

No one seems to care that former Congressman Steve Austria was paid $9000 a month “working” for an illegally formed shell corp called “Double Bowler” at Wright State [7] as they were losing millions- buying buildings from soon to be board members for which they had no use.

No one seems to care that Debbie Lieberman’s assistant John Theobald directs Public Health to hire the “Wilderness Agency” for a no-bid contract for $200K when I write about it. [8] Maybe they might take another look at this deal once I get done sifting through the thousands of pages of BS they pack around the truth- that Theobald, who as of June of this year- is no longer Debbie’s assistant, but the Chief Operating Officer and “Co-Founder” of Wilderness- despite only signing on in June- to a group that’s been around for at least 5 years.

Downtown Dayton marketing agency Wilderness Agency has been on a fast-paced growth streak since being founded in 2016.

The agency is the 2020 Rookie Business of the Year by Dayton Business Journal.

Source: Dayton marketing firm Wilderness explodes with growth – Dayton Business Journal [9]

Can we say revolving door contract violations?

Bring On the ProcessesI

loved my time in public service for the last 28 years but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to become part of Wilderness Agency. The creative energy and energetic atmosphere is the most exciting thing I have ever experienced, and that’s saying something after my time on a U.S. Navy ship in the middle of a hurricane above the Arctic Circle.

Originally from Sarasota, FL, I moved to Dayton in 1968. After serving in the U.S. Navy, I enjoyed my time working at Dayton-local manufacturer Gosiger, Inc, earned a dual degree in Political Science and Philosophy from Wright State, and then dove into an exciting career working in public service. Most recently, after being the Commission Assistant to Montgomery County Commissioner Debbie Lieberman for the last 16 years, I decided to throw my career for a loop.

I’m amazed at how easily my years of government experience have translated to this new environment, and I look forward to being able to continue growing along with the rest of the team here. Once the resident teacher at my previous organization, I’m thrilled to become an avid student.

My objective as a problem-solving, collaborative, and success-oriented COO is to harness Wilderness’ creative energy and translate it into greater success. It is incredibly rewarding to get to help this organization build to the next level and to help both our clients and team achieve their goals.

Source: Meet John Theobald, COO | Wilderness Agency. [10]

We’re coming back to this one soon.

We make spectacles of the smallest crimes, while letting the big ones slide.

It’s easier to keep folks distracted with witch hunts on the small stuff- than admit that whole thing is one big raging crime syndicate in Dayton. From the Dayton Development Coalition which keeps trying to tell us that if it wasn’t for their slush fund that hires Congressman Turners wife and Bev Shillito’s side investment (Real Art) WPAFB will somehow disappear.

Or that if we don’t let UD and Premier have the Fairgrounds for pennies on the dollar, no one else would do it right (ignoring the Chinese billionaire who wanted to develop it).

Or that we give away real estate and tax breaks to the family of the CEO of Dayton Childrens, who also used to be the County Administrator- who made a million or so off the Riverscape fountains.

Need I keep going on. Let’s hang the imaginary witches while the real bitches keep going and going…

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Liza L.

Sums up their modus operandi.
Leaders (another word in Dayton for an installed good ole person in a hi ranking, hi $$ earning position sans merit) at Wrong State U do the samething.
Birthed from the same cloaca maxima.


David, I came across your blog few years ago and want to believe that you are doing all these investigations and writings with the best of intentions in your mind and not simply of jealously and bitterness, your blog is amusingly interesting and I like your writing. However, I noticed that you easily cross the personal privacy line way too often and don’t seem to understand what sort of harm you cause people and you even put people’s lives in real danger. For example, you post personal documents and addresses where families and minors live with your vicious accusations and theories. You felt there was nothing wrong in taking a 14 year old unaccompanied minor girl’s picture in the library because you liked the scene in that moment and went as far as court and caused the good guard his job, who was clearly simply looking out for the safety of that child in a presence of a stranger. You should’ve said thank you for being vigilant to him, not start a lawsuit and seek that he was fired for violation of your rights. What kind person would not understand that?! Legal right doesn’t dismiss common sense and the fact that you won on a technicality didn’t make you right in my eyes in that situation. If you don’t see anything wrong with what you are doing, let me bring it to your attention so you could think about it in your spare time. You only think that you know the facts because you read something about someone somewhere, it seemed fishy to you since naturally you don’t know much more beyond that, pulled some random facts by ears that are even unrelated to theories you are building and your imagination made a great story out of it! It is ok to share your theory and gossip online, but please keep in mind that you might be absolutely wrong and mistaken, so please dial down your language, personal labeling and attacks and theories, they are not facts. As a friendly advice from a mother, be mindful and very careful when… Read more »


David, your first reaction is to start personal attacks and to win the argument with best choice of words. Yes, you are factually right and that’s not what I am telling you. Let me paraphrase, you are spending abnormal amount of time gathering and organizing personal details and put them in your hate campaign readily available to use, in other words you put people’s lives in danger by writing very serious accusations and giving their names, places of work, home address in one place. I see no point in continuing this diatribe and wish you well. I hope my message will eventually make it through correct pathways in your brain and you will start noticing one day that not everything that you say or do is right-right.


Regarding children and danger concept, let me explain more on this topic to you, David. You sound from your blog as a decent man, extremely argumentative, but from your own account of things in the library, I could understand why you were so upset – you really liked that moment in time and just wanted to make a picture, and felt personally offended by a wrong assumption knowing you didn’t mean any harm to that child, nothing wrong with that, really. But try to see the other side. What I’ve been trying to tell you, that guard didn’t know you at all, he probably doesn’t read your blog, and what the guard saw was a grown up man taking a picture of a teenager, so he felt compelled to protect that child of any even hypothetical harm. How do you not understand that? Are your personal constitutional rights that important so to cause that man to loose his job, income, for this? Do you even understand what you did? Feel better?
You raised your right hand and became a public servant of sort, fighting with corruption in Dayton, why won’t you post then a video of your home(s), publish address with pictures, business address, your income and taxes, all related parties? Do you have wife, girlfriend, children, include pictures of your parents please in that video. No, really, I curious to learn more about you now. Or is that all available on PRO? Pardon my ignorance, I need a link, I am not as skilled as you are at research, so come to rely on your expertise. And it is ok then to start taking your pictures randomly in public, right?


For the time when you realize that you are the one who needs professional help. They are the best and certified to diagnose people.

Pat F

It is very interesting that the only people who get busted in the Dem party for corruption all seem to be black. We all know every single player from horrible scumbags that fleece the wealth of the citizens like John Theobold, the Lieberman’s, Karl Keith, Nan Whaley and her half man husband to sleezebags like former BOE Director Steve Hairsman and 100’s more are all white people of the Dem party but they never get caught? Maybe it has nothing to do with skin color and maybe it does….. No doubt these idiots that happen to be black are certainly guilty but why not more arrests and investigations of others?


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