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Why quoting Dave Chappelle loses you an election and other dime store philosophers advice for failed politicians

Apparently I came in last because I’m “not allowed to type or say the nword”

He comes back with a screen shot of my post after watching Dave Chappelle’s WYSO benefit. Here’s the official damning screen shot:

Dave Chappelle complained about not being able to say “faggot” on national tv- but he could say “nigger”- just watched a bunch of hockey players say fuck on national tv as they hoisted the Stanley Cup. my how times have changed.... [1]

The “smoking gun screenshot” of Esrati being a racist

Because George Carlin said the 7 words you can’t say on television, this instantly sums up all of George Carlin apparently as well.

By the way- Carlin didn’t include the “n-word” in his list. And also, because I don’t believe in sugar coating things when quoting people, I don’t misquote them by changing Chappelle’s “nigger” to “n-word” because he said “nigger” not “n-word.” If you don’t believe me on that, well, obviously you don’t know a damn thing about that foul-mouthed gentleman, Mr. David Chappelle. You know, the guy who threw a big party to “cleanse the Oregon District” after a real crazy motherfucker shot the place up.

And in discussions about that party, I also suggested that a voter should be killed (but that story has already been discussed- see this post: “Esrati wants you to die, violently and other fan fiction [2]

So, of course, no you shouldn’t elect me, despite anything else I might have said or suggested I would do once elected.

I also lost because I’m a dick, an asshole, a racist and a fool. I could probably find about a hundred other reasons in my Facebook feed, including the constant posting by the self-declared head of the “new black panther party” in Dayton of my photo with some other outrageous statement.

In jest, I wrote back to a guy who was asking for help with fixing up baseball fields in Dayton, I “channeled Nan Whaley” for my response- those words, which were the exact opposite of everything I stand for, became a reason not to vote for me as if that was my position. Apparently people on Facebook don’t know what the word “channeling” means- leading me to suggest a reading comprehension test for voters, which immediately branded me as suggesting we go back to our roots as a racist country that tries to disenfranchise voters by any means possible.

After reading all of these very un-reasoned and unsubstantiated claims, it’s easy to understand how this country elected Donald Trump and is still not out in the streets demanding he be removed from office for any number of his insane actions (yes, “insane” because none of it makes any sense unless you’re full blown crazy- don’t make apologies for him, because he’s draining the swamp- he’s also removing the meager protections from climate change and the EPA so we’ll all die sooner than later).

There are no perfect people, and especially no perfect candidates. People who choose candidates by looks or appearances over substance are what’s killing our country. When all the Bernie bro’s stayed home with their feelings hurt- we got Trump. When people say they don’t like me- vs “I really like our jail just the way it is” or “his views on economic development are all wrong, we should spend all our tax dollars buying junk buildings to give away to rich folks from out of town.” That’s real.
I’m a dick, an asshole and a narcissist too- because you almost half to be to think you should run for political office in this country and put yourself under the microscope.

Get used to it.

But not voting in 2020 because your choice didn’t make it through the primary will lead to Trump’s re-election, just like Tuesday got you four more years of mediocrity.

thumbnail of November 5 2019 Montgomery County election results 11052019es [3]

Click on image to download complete PDF election results for Nov 5, 2019

If you want to know who really lost on Tuesday, try looking at the Board of Elections final vote counts and race results. Realize that it requires more votes to petition to remove Matt Joseph than he actually got elected by (the charter specifies you need 25% of the number of voters in the last gubernatorial race, which is WAY higher than the  6,878 votes he “won” with.

Or the even bigger losers, voters who didn’t even have a candidate to vote for- or had to vote for the only candidate on the ballot. That’s not indicative of a functioning democracy folks. We had 64 races where there was no choice, or even no candidate on the ballot in Montgomery County alone.
Why do Verona or Phillipsburg even exist as political jurisdictions? Is it really worth having local representation for a place where people can’t be bothered to run?

(hint- that was one of my main platforms, we have too many elected offices and jurisdictions in Montgomery County.)

But, I’ve distracted you. I lost because there is something wrong with me. I even caused Shenise Turner Sloss to lose according to the black pussycat on Facebook (yeah, I shouldn’t bait him, I know).

We need to be “perfect people” to govern. Or, we’ll suffer the fate of Katie Hill [4]who resigned from Congress because she was outed for having nekkid pictures (OMG- there will never be a politician elected born after 1990 if this is the new standard).

Running for office requires incredible self-confidence in the days of the court of social media. It’s not just Russian trolls manipulating you to believe dirt, it’s your actions in spreading it and accepting it. At all levels. Someone wanted to challenge me to a debate AFTER the election on FB, but, hell, we don’t even have debates on the campaign trail- we have “forums” a sanitized version of political speech.

If you want to know why most people lose elections in America anymore you aren’t going to find it on this blog, or even in the news. The place to look is the campaign finance reports- where you can try to follow the money.

The reason I lost, the reason Shenise lost, and the reason Dayton lost, is that there are a lot more people in this city who rely on the culture of corruption to put food on their table and they spent wildly to make sure their gravy train keeps running on time.

Thank you to those of you who believed in me enough to donate, to vote and to believe that others might see through this sham we call elections instead of auctions.

Next time, volunteer early, dedicate serious time to walking and talking and making sure voters get educated, and of course, find a perfect candidate to run for office, if such a thing exists.

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Buford Thomas

Dave, if you want to be a City Commissioner, you need to start acting like it. Why are you stooping down to the level of this buffoon? The “New Black Panther Party” in Dayton is nothing more than a goofy old man with delusions of grandeur who has surrounded himself with 4 or 5 groupies. The extent of their activism is riding on other people’s coattails. He attacks you to elevate his standing in the eyes of his followers, and you take the bait. Every…single…time. Stop. Aren’t you aware of the adage about what happens when you argue with fools?

And another thing, a lot of these people were never going to vote for you in the first place. Mostly because you’re a Jewish white male. Forget about those people. Concentrate on winning the votes that are up for grabs.

Pete Mitchell

Wait…you really think Katie Hill resigned (of her own volition, no one forced her to do so) because of photos? You fail to mention that she was involved in multiple sexual relationships with her subordinates, which is in direct violation of Congressional Ethics rules passed by her own party. You are Fake News.


Next time name @ me in the article instead of being a coward. I told you you can’t say the nword because you are white because that’s the reason.

You blocked me for sharing the screenshot as well. Something you do to everyone who gives you solid dissension. A true sign of someone who lacks the integrity to be a leader.

You make good points on your blog I hear. However making good points isn’t the same as being a good leader worth the trust of the general public.

But you lost the election because you 1) have no basic social skills which is highly necessary for the job 2) can’t seem to understand why you can’t say the nword 3) don’t fully understand the idea of voter contact. Unless you’re running an operation that puts you in contact with enough voters to beat out your opponents you’ll lose.

You don’t win an election by arguing with Donald Dominick on Facebook.

You’re a loser, David. You’ve been a loser for years. You will continue to be a loser for as long as you continue down the path of darkness and meanness and allow light to shine through you.

Pete Mitchell

Again, its not just “who she was having sex with.” For the last two years we have heard nonstop, specifically from democrats, that power dynamics and sexual relationships are incredibly sensitive, and that consent based upon those dynamics is incredibly important. In other words that powerful people can abuse hat power by coercing subordinates to engage in sexual activity not because they want to but because they think they have to.

By all accounts Hill was a bully and a drunk who used her position to get subordinates to sleep with her. She doe snot get a pass because she is a woman. In fact, it is a refreshing sign of equality that she was treated like any male congressman has been in that regard. Your take is incredibly naive. The Russian agent stuff is just silly. Perhaps you lost because you are not a serious person.

J Gibson

Nigger, because I support freedom of speech and all other forms of freedom, God given or otherwise. This word has nothing to do with color for me, but rather an
inner city mentality of ignorance I’ve witnessed for the last 40 years. East, west, black, white, or purple, all can be “nigger”. North or south as well, as we don’t want anyone to be left out.

David Jones

Glad you lost, I never doubted you would. You are only consistent at two things, embarrassing yourself and losing. You are unstable. You are a cowardly bully. You are such a coward in fact, that when someone calls you on your bull, you’ll just curse them out, and bock them on facebook. That behavior screams leader, right? Never, ever, should someone like you be put in a position with authority. It’s what you desperately crave, and under no circumstances can have.

The more I watch your insanity (n word, wishing a Daytonion be a victim of gun violence, etc) the more I see another Trump. You’re a constant victim, who lacks accountability. You’re infallible, self-righteous, pious, pontifical, arrogant, and selfish to name just a few.

You should have been investigated by the police with regards to your shooting comments, but everyone knows you’re such a joke that investigating would give you that one thing you desperately crave: attention.

If I could share a piece of advice for you and your quest for power: stop – now.

It’s time for you to grow up, and if you can’t do that, then just go away.

I encourage the tens of readers on this page, stop. Stop engaging. Stop giving him attention. He is a loose canon and he will take you down with him. He is a dangerous troll.


I’m truly sorry for our city. Two more slack-jawed sycophants re-elected to lick Nan’s boots and do as they’re told. Change is something that apparently looks great on a t-shirt but not in actual practice. Wondering how much longer it will be before our illustrious mayor manages to decimate more of our available land in the interest of “development,” lining everyone’s pockets and shredding what’s left of our waterway. No real answers for the water outage, but she sure as hell is quick to try and sell off prairie land for industrial use. I’m glad Union stopped what the good people running Garden Station couldn’t – the takeover of their land for some shit-tacular promise of “high-paying jobs” (none of which, by the way, choose to locate in Dayton for housing) and “development.” Ask DPS how well being forced to forgo property taxes from these high-tech firms is working for them; the city strong-arms them into dropping collection of property taxes as an “incentive” for these businesses every time someone dangles a promise and drops UD’s name into it.

Dave C

Sorry you didn’t win a commission seat. I think you would have done a good job.

As an added bonus, the commission meetings would have been MUCH livelier.

There’s always next time.


First off, your entire personal Facebook page is a political argument. Your explanation for blocking me is a bold faced lie.

You blocked me because you didn’t want me posting screenshots of things you said around your family members?

Got it.

Put it this way, I’ll never have to block someone just to keep my family from knowing who I am. Political or not. ?

You’re a loser because you’re banned from the library and you think basketball nets are a form of black outreach. ????? Give us all a break.

You’re also a loser because you once claimed you got jumped in the Oregon District then once the camera footage showed you started the fight you stopped telling that story. ?????

You’re also a loser for using the nword and acting like you’re too dumb to know you’re not supposed to use that word. ?