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Why, besides the obvious reasons, is BradyWare moving to Austin Landing

The exodus of professional firms from Downtown Dayton to Austin Landing continues.

From the Dayton Business Journal:

The company currently has 55 employees in its 15,000-square-foot office. The move will be felt downtown — losing income tax and some of its daytime population — and at the Fifth Third building at 1 S. Main St. where BradyWare is among its longtime tenants.

Yet its relocation further solidifies Austin Landing as the new financial hub of the Dayton region, with other top local firms such as Merrill Lynch, Clark Schaefer Hackett and Wells Fargo. The location is said to be advantageous for firms looking to draw clients and employees from the Dayton area, as well as the Cincinnati region.

The city of Dayton will take a big hit in the lost income tax from all of the employees who live outside the city, many of whom stand to get a de facto 2.25 percent raise if they live in a township or city without an income tax. Unless the new office is on the first floor of a building in Austin Landing, employees are not subject to the income tax of the Joint Economic Development District at Austin Landing.

Source: BradyWare confirms plans to move from downtown Dayton to Austin Landing – Dayton Business Journal [1]

However, the inside scoop is that apparently, BradyWare had set a meeting with Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley to discuss staying another five years, but she didn’t show up for the meeting. Of course, part of the problem is that we have a City Manager form of government, and this should have been something the City Manager was doing. Of course, it would have just resulted in one of those tax rebate deals- where in exchange for keeping X jobs in Dayton for X years paying at least X dollars- we’ll throw you back some money. A finger in the proverbial broken dam.

Throw in the cramped parking that costs in the basement of the old Cit Fed/5/3rd tower Arcade garage, and the lack of food options, why pay that Dayton payroll tax?

Note- the 1 Dayton Center/5/3rd building at the corner of 3rd and Main- was built with tax dollars, despite not being pre-leased at the level required, and the building has been a financial flop since day one.

The giant sucking sound of the illegal JEDD at Austin Landing continues as a tax haven for the white-collar “2nd floor” types. Only the “little people” on the ground floors of Austin Landing pay taxes, and it’s costing the City of Dayton dearly.

Unfortunately, the idiots the people of Dayton elected to the City Commission like to accept big donations from developers and their friends – and in the end, all the voters got was the best politicians money could buy, while the developers are laughing all the way to the bank.

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Brian West

They’re in the former “One Dayton Centre” building at the SW corner of 3rd/Main with a parking garage entrance on Ludlow just south of 3rd.

The “no income tax above the 1st floor” rule still amazes me.


Brilliant urban Planning (or lack of?).

Downtown resident

Sad if true. Not sure how reliable your sources on. On the plus side, Miller-Valentine is moving about the same number downtown out of Moraine.

Greg Hunter

Austin Road was billed to “help Dayton” The Chamber of Commerce and Mike Turner said so.

Bubba Jones

What is “illegal” about the Austin Landing JEDD?

I would agree that it’s pretty immoral to do what they did, but you used the word “illegal”.

Bubba Jones

You actually didn’t answer my question, David. Or maybe you did – There’s nothing ILLEGAL about what they’ve done, it’s just “criminal”. If you still maintain that it’s ILLEGAL, please cite the specific parts of the ORC that they violated. If what the quoted article said is true about the first floors of the buildings being subject to the income tax, that’s a new on me. You have written much about the Austin Landing JEDD (THANKS for that, by the way!!) and your readers should have been aware that the “professional buildings” were excluded from the JEDD. I don’t recall you writing about specific floors of the building being subject to / exempt from the tax though. Some investigation into this would be interesting – starting with Miami Township to see what sections of the law allowed them to exclude certain areas of a building from taxation. From there, an inquiry to the Ohio Attorney General’s office to do a little more digging into how all of this took place might be in order. We already know that certain laws were broken by the Miami Township official who was in bed with RG, or he’d still have his job. I wonder if more laws were broken during the formation of the JEDD. Then it might actually be ILLEGAL and not just “criminal”. :) The idea of Townships is NOT outdated – although I might give you a little leeway on your statement since you used the term “Urban Townships”. The problem with Miami Township is that it’s basically two distinct areas now. The area around the Mall is not “township-like” with all of the retail, offices, warehouses, etc. But, if you go west of Miamisburg, there’s another Miami Township out there that is farms and open space. The needs of those residents is far different than the needs of the residents of the area around the Mall and Austin Landing. That’s why Regional Government won’t ever fly around here. While I agree in part that having all sorts of rules, tax rates, etc. with all of the little “cities” around… Read more »


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