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Whom would your congressman support?

One of the things I find fascinating about the whole Iowa caucus debacle is that people actually discuss in the open whom they support [1]. It’s one thing to say who you voted for, but, actually standing on one side of a room or another for all to see is in some ways a stronger statement (it’s how some of the Dems do it). The Republicans still use a secret ballot- but, some are as simple as a blank sheet of paper.

If I were an Iowa Republican and had to choose from the current field, I’d only have two choices: Mitt Romney or Ron Paul. Romney because I believe in the mandated health insurance program he implemented in Massachusetts when he was governor, and Paul because of his steadfast positions- even though I think about half of what he stands for is preposterous, but at least he gets it dead right about half the time which is more than I can say predictably about other candidates. In the end, I’d have to cast my vote for Romney, because we don’t have instant runoff balloting [2] and he’s more electable.

The voters in Iowa sent a message yesterday that between Romney and Santorum (for whom I have zero respect) and Dr. Paul right they are almost evenly split (I think the media purposefully minimizes Dr. Paul at every chance). If they had used Instant Runoff Balloting, I think it might have been a totally different split with a clear first second and third choice.

But, what I really want to know is whom our current Congressman supports? He’s worked with Paul and Santorum and must be familiar with Romney. Whom would he pick to be the next president of the United States (other than himself)?

What’s even more interesting, if you have some time- is to look through the FEC database and see to whom Mike Turner has donated your donations to him in the past [3]. Yep, your dollars donated to Mike Turner have gone to other candidates- including my favorite poor excuse for a representative- Jean Schmidt.

As long as we have a good-ole-boys club in Congress, it wouldn’t hurt to know whom they’d pick to be our Commander in Chief- just for the sake of truth in government, since dollars you contribute to their campaigns could very well be passed along to support someone else (a practice that needs to be stopped).

Your thoughts?


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Greg Hunter

Well David if we return to the original electoral college, as I would love to see, then we would know!


  What’s even more interesting, if you have some time, is to look through the data base (2008 campaign finance data) and see these donations to Democratic primary candidate Sharen Swartz Neuhardt when she ran for the 7th district:
     Barney Frank for Congress Committee -$2000.
     Congressman Waxman Committee      -$2000.  
     Hill Pac (Senator Hillary Clinton)           -$5000.

 Mike Turner’s choice to donate campaign funds isn’t unique to the game. The Democrats play the same way.