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West Dayton played- again…

In the land where funk began, voters should really change their preference in music after the last carefully orchestrated sideshow- their new theme song, courtesy of the bad boys of British power rock, The Who- should be “Won’t get fooled again” [1]

After two meetings in black churches, which more closely resembled a church revival sans the passing of the collection plate, featuring the oddest collection of snake oil politicians, including the heads of both local political parties (although Sheriff Phil Plummer is the minority token Republican at the County level) a labor leader, her highness, Mayor Nan, Joey Williams and NAACP President Derrick Foward, we find out that the evil “Dayton Together” proposal had been purposefully thwarted back in March by the Dayton City Commission which annexed land in Greene County that the city “already owned.”

The Dayton City Commission on March 23 approved a petition to annex 25 acres between Ohio Route 4 and the Huffman Dam in Greene County, land it has owned since 1926. Greene County Commissioners granted the annexation petition in late April.

A city that spans multiple counties would have to detach itself from the areas located in other counties to be part of a county merger, according to research from the Greater Ohio Policy Center.

Detachment would require property owners in the proposed detachment area to lead a petition drive or put a measure on the ballot.

The annexation purposely created a roadblock protecting Dayton, elected leaders said. “It gives us better control of the land, but it wouldn’t have come up without the merger deal,” said Commissioner Matt Joseph.

Source: City annexed land to stop merger [2]

From the start, the released draft proposal seemed stupid, leading me to believe that this whole shitstorm was nothing but a diversion, or a false flag operation, to make the real plan, to be released later look like a silk purse. It should be really evident to anyone who has watched any attempt at either merger or regionalization occur in this area that these things only happen when one party has basically failed and gone broke, or, outgrown the current form of government (Mad River Township had to become a city so they could do an income tax- because they weren’t smart enough back then to come up with illegal ways like both Miami Township and Butler Township to tax only poor people working retail jobs).

With Raleigh Trammell and his funky hat hanging in felony limbo, the black preacher posse had a power vacuum at the top, and one new hothead decided to make this his power platform to propel himself into the driver’s seat- enter Xavier L. Johnson of Bethel Missionary Baptist Church [3]. An import from Tampa, who probably has no clue how Raleigh used to walk into the Dayton City Commission chambers and had the commission kowtow to whatever was his issue of the day. The Dems, always  in fear of losing the essential black vote where all you had to do was pass out a dummy voter slate card saying “endorsed Democrat” and the sheep of the flock of fools would follow, were putty in Trammell’s hands. Pastor Johnson has his own unique way of handling anyone who attempts to say anything he knows in advance he won’t like (interrupt, then cut the mic off [4]), but then again, as our comment god Ice Bandit’s alter ego said on Facebook:

to quote Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid, “your dojo, your rules.” Why would you think you would go to that venue and be treated like the Oracle of Delphi? After all, Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den. He didn’t drive there…

And while I’m sure Pastor Johnson thinks he’s Malcolm X reincarnated, the difference is, Malcolm built his philosophy on respect. Johnson thought he’d found his platform to build his following- he wanted to get 100,000 signatures against the Dayton Together proposal (which was laughable- since the Board of [S]Elections never lets more than 80% of carefully collected signatures be approved and the county can’t have more than 150,000 real voters) and here it is- he was just another dupe being used to collect email addresses and phone numbers of voters over a pretend issue. I do admit, he got me fired up- but, to quote Malcolm X- “Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.

I’ve been angry for a long time. I see so much potential in Dayton, being squandered by the very people who duped the good pastor. Do we really need multiple clerks of courts, multiple websites, and multiple municipal courts in Montgomery County, the smart voter would ask? Mark Owens is the Dayton Clerk of Courts- the evil merger commissioner Dan Foley was the County Clerk of Courts- and both had the opportunity to hire a whole bunch of people into patronage jobs- that all had to buy tickets to the Dems’ Frolic for Funds- and had to “volunteer” on their bosses’ campaigns. Owens talked about how bad Cuyahoga County was- and they had merged- while Franklin County is now the largest county- and they hadn’t (which is laughable- because Franklin does have a different structure) vindicating our format of County/City- yet missing the point that in Franklin County Municipal judges run COUNTY WIDE- and there isn’t a hodgepodge of municipal courts.

Sheriff Plummer talked in a Black Dayton Church how if you had a problem with one of his deputies, you call him, or vote him out. Just a few problems here, Phil- one, they all live in Dayton, where the police chief is appointed- none of them call Phil, unless their kid is in jail and being mistreated (of which the likelihood in that community is much higher). And, he’s ignoring the fact that the Dayton Police Department is half of what it was 25 years ago, and that we now have a whole bunch of private chiefs that no one can call- UD, Sinclair, MVH, Grandview, Good Sam, Metroparks. Have any question about what private police can do West Dayton- remember Samuel Dubose [5] in Cincinnati?

We don’t need school districts with 800 students and a “superintendent” like in Jefferson Township. We don’t need a police department of 8 with a chief like in Butler Township (but they are about to fire their whole force and hire Sheriff Phil and his boys). No one knows how to tell if their County Recorder is doing a good job- even though he’s the token Countywide elected African American. These are all examples of extra overhead that make Montgomery County have the second highest tax burden in the state.

And what do you get for all that money? A police department that can’t find an “18-20 year old light skinned African American male” who boldly walked onto a school playground and shanked a 7-year-old girl through her lung [6]– despite there being cameras. Unsolved murders of a police officer- Kevin Brame, more than 11 years ago, and Sgt. Major Woodall, [7] a decorated veteran of three wars who was killed in his home.

Yep, I’m the former Dayton City Commission candidate who needed to have my question rudely interrupted and cut the mic off at the last meeting- who screamed an obscenity in church. Isn’t it great how the media describes it? You’re being manipulated there too, Pastor X. Used and fooled. The heartfelt apology I penned on Monday night to the pastor of Wayman and his flock- ignored. Yes, I had no business swearing in church- but, counter to what the bullies who threw me out recognize, this meeting could have and should have been in a public space- a school gym, or a county auditorium- the church building wasn’t being used for political speech was it? Wouldn’t that be a violation of the Johnson Amendment? [8]

As long as I’ve put myself into a corner, let’s ask the real question about disenfranchisement, which was the purported reason for the anti-regionalization revivial. How does having the candidates who make the ballot, or are endorsed by the party, being done in a locked room on the second floor of Democratic Party HQ, by 40 hand-picked pissants (including Nan Whaley, her husband who works for Karl Keith, Dan Foley, Judy Dodge, the labor chief, etc.) make the voters vote count more than if it’s decided by some different group at the ballot box?

Or, let’s ask the real question about West Dayton that no one has the balls to ask. Why are the only three viable black owned businesses in West Dayton car washes, barbershops/beauty salons and churches? (I’ve left out funeral parlors- because it seems that the only ones that get investigated or in trouble by the State are black owned- and I don’t want to kick them while they’re down).

West Dayton is a shambles. Foreclosures. Badly boarded up buildings. Deferred maintenance on streets. The only significant construction on the west side has been prisons, landfills and schools that look like prisons.

Sure Dan Foley and David Esrati are your enemies and Regionalization is bad. Why change the form of government West Dayton when what we have is working so well?

And, that thing they are trying to distract you from? Could it be an income-tax increase? Or regionalization plan B?

Listen to the Who next time instead of party posse and the preachers.

We’ll be fighting in the streets
With our children at our feet
And the morals that they worship will be gone
And the men who spurred us on
Sit in judgment of all wrong
They decide and the shotgun sings the song

I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
We don’t get fooled again

Video from both meetings to come.


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The correct Mr. Miyagi quote is “Too much advantage, your dojo.” That’s how Miyagi got the venue for the face-off to be the tournament. Might be a strategy…

Glenda Lamb-Wilson

Another case when justice means “just us”.


These homegrown Dayton politicians are diabolical, and the citizens are truly too dumb to see it. This is what happens when you vote with your melanin and not your brain.

Auston Hensley

There’s another “side” that you’re ignoring – the distinct possibility that, given the chance, our homegrown Dayton politicians would extend their reach further into the suburbs so that they control not only the city but rather the whole region. The prospect of Nan, Joey Williams, etc having control over the whole county would be a total disaster for our region – they do enough damage from Dayton City Hall as it is.

It’s why I’m such a noisy opponent of any “regionalism” that includes the city proper, but cheer Miamisburg and West Carrollton when they combine dispatch service.

Greg Hunter

In some respects blacks won the battle @ The Lunch Counter but lost the war….The Walmart Affect decimated the black entrepreneur class and the poorly executed Great Society obviously did not lift all minority’s equally, especially the African American Community.

What is the evidence?

Poor Public Schools
And Leadership in the Community ARE still Ministers.

And the latent racism of the white community and their unforgiving offspring that now reside near Auston Road that’s presence in was aided and abeded by the Dayton Leadership.

The cards have been stacked and Preachers drone on to a chorus of Amens praising poor decisions.

Dave C.

It is probably racism, elitism, and a few other “isms”, but voters in Oakwood, Centerville, or any other affluent suburbs will not even remotely consider a merger with Dayton in the foreseeable future.

If people in Oakwood could figure out a way to put up a Trump-style wall between themselves and City of Dayton, they’d do it in a heartbeat.

Sorry Dayton….. you are on your own.

But look on the bright side: Nobody is coming into Dayton from the ‘burbs, entering your houses of worship, giving you the finger and dropping the F-bomb.


Perhaps their might be a silver lining in Dayton with the fact that fake “leadership” here now and will not extend it’s influence to the surrounding area. It can be contained all right here in it’s own cage until we can find a solution.

What others would want to be run by the city of Dayton? The buck stops here in DAYTON.

No Dayton leadership anywhere else but Dayton. Dayton gets what it wants, a vacuum that no other part of the county wants.

Alas, the voters, well the ones that are only loyal to their fans of cheering of will vote over and over again for the continuing saga of “leadership” in their land of illusion in Dayton only, their little “utopia”.

Auston Hensley

The target of any proposed city-county merger isn’t Oakwood’s tax base – it’s the tax base of the Dayton Mall and Austin Landing, which lie in unincorporated Miami Township. The city couldn’t wait to dip their hands into the pockets of those hardworking suburban taxpayers.

What the city doesn’t understand is that these township residents will incorporate as discrete entities long before Dayton ever gets to annex the land.

There’s already plenty of historical precedent for this happening – the Southern Hills incorporated Kettering and Moraine, Wayne Township incorporated as Huber Heights, Mad River Township incorporated as Riverside, and Trotwood merged with Madison Township.

The one common denominator: get as far away from Dayton City Hall as possible, even though these suburban jurisdictions surround Dayton on all four sides.

Ice Bandit

…when it comes to David Esrati being wrong, one can only invoke the spirit and prose of Elizabeth Barrett Browning; “let me count the ways.” David goes to a west side church where his particular type of bombast is neither welcomed nor appreciated. After being rebuffed for not following protocol, he compounds the offense with an anatomically impossible suggestion and a gesture that is universally considered vulgar. All of this, mind you in a church in front of an audience who considers such conduct rude at best and outright blasphemous at worst. And yet, after a careful reading of David’s post, one gets the impression David perceives himself the victim. Rarely does the Old Bandito recommend the exercise known as groveling. Throwing oneself prostrate before the court of public opinion, admitting guilt and begging for leniency almost never proves beneficial. And yet, this may be one of those times…

Ice Bandit

…the Old Bandito went to your Facebook page to see who you allege to be an alter ego. After reading his posts, he seems to be, like moi, a devotee of laissez-faire markets, free speech and a second amendment absolutist. So one can clearly see where and how you drew your erroneous assumption. However, the Old Bandito is familiar with your aforementioned gentleman from when he was a referee in the old USHL. And there is a ideological divide between us that cannot be ignored or bridged. The gentleman you mention has been seen wearing Bauers. As we all know, the Old Bandito has instructed his family to bury him in wearing Tacks…

Greg Hunter

The city couldn’t wait to dip their hands into the pockets of those hardworking suburban taxpayers….As the City of Dayton Taxpayers financed their own demise by advocating for Auston Road. Whites and the power structure have been purposely screwing blacks since they were imported.

I know no one cares, but again when the black leadership are ministers you are manipulating people that have been screwed for ages. Not caring and rationalizing it are hall marks of ignorance AKA a Trump Supporter.

[…] of the politicians explaining why they had held two meetings about a regionalization plan that they had already managed to subvert- long before the meetings. The invite on city letterhead from Mayor Nan Whaley is at right. I stood outside and held my cell […]