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We can neither confirm or deny that the Freedom of Information act is not a joke

We’re supposed to have a government for the people, by the people. However, since “Citizens United” it’s been a lot more of a government for the rich by the rich. Politicians primary profession besides being professional grifters- is being a lawyer. And if you want the truth about the entire legal profession- it’s the only profession I know where they give extra credit for plagiarism (they call it “citations”).

While we take great pride in the work of the founding fathers in devising our rules and regulations for running our country, they seem to be the last original thinkers that got to actually write any significant laws without having to quote some case, chapter and verse, in order to make a point.

For a country of laws, we now clearly have two different sets- never mind the 14th amendments guarantees of “equal protection.” We have laws that favor rich people, white people, politicians, police, and lawyers. Because when any of us go to court, the only people guaranteed to win- are the lawyers.

Here’s the facts: The Feds spent a lot of time in Dayton Ohio trying to build a case for public corruption focused on demolition contracts and Steve Rauch Incorporated- which has torn down more of Dayton than the flood, the tornadoes and the local political parties. Apparently, Steve wasn’t paying off the right folks. For their multi-year investigation, costing millions, they managed to indict 6 Black people and put 3 of them in prison for a total of 7 months- with 2 still waiting their turns. Rauch paid a fine. That’s it.

In the course of the Grand Jury proceedings, the feds played tapes and presented evidence that then Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley was corrupt and they were seeking indictment- until, one day, they just stopped. The Feds who couldn’t spell my name right in their reports- or that of Judge Dan Gehres or a few others- seem to think they were the only ones who knew what was going on. We don’t have a newspaper that can spell my name right either- for what it’s worth. Their problem is Dayton is a small town and people know people- and I happen to know someone who knows someone who was on that Grand Jury- so after they never indicted Nan, or some of her corrupt accomplices- you know, white people, I filed a Freedom of Information Request for the material- esp. the tapes.

Considering I published proof that Nan’s buddy, former Dayton City Commissioner Joey D Williams was caught committing a felony while in office by the feds- and instead of prosecuting him right away, the feds turned him into a reluctant confidential informant (yes, besides publishing the report- I know people who know people). Williams not only negotiated a sweetheart deal, but got to keep his bank presidents job, his city commission seat, and got to run for re-election despite having promised to step down if re-elected and before his indictment was made public. This, my friends, is the Feds interfering with an election- and failing to report a felony- which is, a felony.

I filed that FOIA request around June of last year, appealed properly, and was still denied access to the material. Unable to find a lawyer to take the case around here (the political parties work deals to keep judges in office for life- which then scares lawyers from crossing them or the parties) I filed a FOIA case in Federal Court- and have had every excuse known to man used to not release the material.

I last filed on Sept 14, 2021. They refused to respond in a timely matter, dragging out their motion for summary judgement motion for almost half a year. Ignoring the law I cited in the original filing that served to pierce the veil of Grand Jury proceedings when they involve public officials involved in criminal acts, they responded with a Glomar response [1] – the “We cannot confirm or Deny the existence of anything” as if Nan Whaley is somehow a state secret requiring top security and due the privacy of the Queen of England.

Put the feds in charge of the Academy Awards and Mr. Men in Black Will Smith didn’t do a damn thing- no matter what you know happened. They seem to have forgotten who they work for and why- just like Mr. Bitch Slap Smith.

All joking aside, the whole Glomar excuse is an obsolete legal standard that needs to be eradicated from the Feds vocabulary except in real issues of National Security. You know, things like protecting criminal presidents who try to overthrow the government or a Congress that refuses to do it’s job to put Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court a year before an election, but can put Amy Comey Barrett in place in 30 days or less. Sort of like the Republican redistricting commission folks who should be in jail right now for contempt of court in Ohio, except- whoops, they’re rich and white.

In todays world, the CIA wouldn’t have been building a ship to recover a sunk Russian Nuclear Sub- they’d hire it out to Halliburton, or General Dynamics, remember, we’ve been paying to fly our astronauts to the space station on Russian rockets for the last 10 years.

So, today, I filed a response to the Feds, demanding that their claims be debunked, that a Federal Judge actually takes his job seriously and reviews the material in Camera, and forces the Feds to explain why any of these materials concerning a candidate for Governor of the State of Ohio aren’t released before the sucker citizens who pay their wages- go out to vote for another criminal working as a CI while running for office.

Read it and think before you vote.

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It’s time we have some explanation why the FBI and the DOJ seem incapable of catching corrupt white people in Dayton or at Wright State.


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It’s great to be White! And it’s great to see Democrats in jail where they belong.


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