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We can box up our snow.

We can’t plow snow because we don’t have enough salt. That was good enough for the city commission- and Public Works director Fred Stovall. Salt prices went up, he only has 60 drivers, overtime, etc.

So, schools close, kids don’t get their free meals, their parents have to make alternate plans for child care- affecting tens of thousands of people, because we can’t figure out that a city’s first responsibility is making sure roads are clear- for us- and for emergency vehicles as well.

But, we have plenty of money for…. wait…. a packaging company. Of course, we run it through the loosely controlled slush fund- CityWide Development, where tax dollars go and go and go:

A Dayton packaging company will get $110,000 in incentives to grow in Dayton.

The city is expected to vote Wednesday night to facilitate a $100,000 low-interest loan and a $10,000 grant for Miami Valley Packaging Solutions Inc. to help expand its presence in Dayton. The company is investing $2.1 million to purchase and renovate the building at 150 Janney Road.

The city is providing CityWide Development Corp. $105,000 for the loan, with the extra $5,000 going to CityWide to help administer it. The city is separately giving a $10,000 grant to the company.

With the funding, the Dayton-based packing company will have the financing in place for its planned move and growth in the city.

Miami Valley Packaging Solutions said last fall the new 100,000 square-foot space will be a major upgrade from its current 66,000 square-foot headquarters at 1752 Stanley Ave.

With equipment purchases, the move is expected to cost $3 million. Partners Kenny Phegley, Jamie Williams and Don Chmiel say they want to significantly expand business.

City documents indicate Miami Valley Packaging Solutions will retain 21 jobs and create nine new ones over the next five years. The company bought B&L Packaging in 2009 and specializes in corrugated packaging, with a line of plastic packaging growing quickly.

via Dayton to offer $110,000 in incentives to Miami Valley Packaging Solutions – Dayton Business Journal [1].

Of course if you own another packaging company in town- this means you are now at a disadvantage- and you still can’t get your employees to work.
But- that’s “Economic Development” Dayton style- where we pick and choose the winners and losers in your tax dollar lottery.

And it there is too much snow, we can buy boxes from Miami Valley Packaging Solutions and package it up- and send it somewhere else.

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I liked my solution better, Flip the snowplow driver a fifty, net time he shows.

David I forgot to mention in my last E mail to you. Dayton metro being 46% Black, Me being a White 15 year Federal sector employee, have not seen a person of color cross our employment door………..Took to the NAACP, Dayton, …….They kicked it to the curb when they found out our location was not on Wright – Paterson…..MMMMM.


new government

Well said! Companies, corporations and businesses that have “exclusive rights” hand tailored deals just for them made to create controlled profits with limited incentive for competitors or the small guy to move in or set up shop or even stay in business keeps the scheme mantra repeating itself. Taxes keep rising with other add on such as the lighting tax, permanent tax, with other special assessments included. How can this city keep it’s people here to call home and not lose it’s base and move elsewhere? One must wonder or not wonder why after so many times when voters had a choice to vote these taxes down they vote it in. Voters have given up and not vote and now mostly voters are the loyal ones that just vote for the party or issue without any intelligent thought and how it will impact the region. Remember the reason we had to tear down the Ecki Building for a new Kroger that never happened? You guessed right! The questionable numbers like 4 million should of RAZED eye brows, not historical buildings, lost history,new studies, closed door sessions (sunshine laws) or demolition funds all paid for by you,me and your tax dollars hard at work. One can ask why do we pay taxes to have decisions made in secret? That 4 million would of easily paid for many much needed projects,Instead we are all told that we need this and that levy for new money to keep basic services running smoothly. However elected officials will freely raise their own salaries and claim they are working for you. Really now the illusion is we are paying their salaries for a job well done; who is the fool the citizens who blindly voted and/or the ones who never vote in what is now the lowest voter turnout ever? If the trend continues expect the slide to continue along with personal freedoms with a few making the decisions for us without any or little to no decisions by the citizens or public input to decide or vote in the first place is a lesson we… Read more »


It is amazing how modern day human beings cannot connect the dots. Corporate welfare is absolutely detestable. Yet forcibly confiscating 50% of a man’s wage to support the non-producers of society and their children is morally okay? Does anybody really think that the State and politicians really give a tinkers damn about the poor? Government handouts of all varieties are nothing more then a vote/support buying scheme. It also helps ensure that our society is fragmented and divided. All throughout history, the State has done nothing but wage wars, murder millions upon millions of people, enslave and rain misery down on humanity. Yet stupid Americans continue to believe that there is that one perfect politician, one perfect party that will be our salvation. How is that working out for you all? It is clear that most human beings, like animals, want be lead around and ruled over. You all got the government you deserve. I personally would like to try something different: anarcho-capitalism.


Anarcho-capitalism? Is it time for a Murray Rothbard circle jerk?


Sure thing, I will take a circle jerk over a blood bath any day of the week.

Dave C.

From 1970 to 2010, Dayton’s population dropped from approximately 240,000 to 140,000. That means that Dayton’s population dropped by 7 people per day, 365 days a year, for 40 years.

Over that same 40 year period, the suburbs and outlying communities grew in population.

This is a clear example of people voting with their feet.


I will be voting with my feet as soon as my last child is out of high school in another year and a half. Montgomery County recently increased the valuation of my real estate property by a whopping 49%, resulting in my property taxes nearly DOUBLING for this year.

How long the county can continue to rape the suburbs in a desperate attempt to keep the black fiscal hole that is Dayton afloat is anybody’s guess.