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Unreasonable property tax changes

It seems a whole bunch of people filed complaints about their tax bills going up this year. I filed an appeal, and shared information on how to file on this site back before the March 31st deadline [1].

This year, county property owners filed 4,300 complaints, up 39 percent from 2014, contesting the assessed valuations of their homes, businesses and other parcels.

However, a large increase in cases was anticipated because the auditor last year completed a comprehensive, six-year valuation update. Values typically change more drastically during major revaluations. Local property owners have challenged their valuations on many grounds, sometimes claiming that the amounts are based on faulty information or a flawed assessment method.

Overwhelmingly, people who file appeals request a lower valuation, and 65 percent of cases filed in the county result in a change of assessment, according to the auditor.

Source: Over 4,000 in county appeal property values [2]

The random changing values of real estate every 6 years is a farce and needs to be addressed. Just because your new neighbor paid more for his home, doesn’t mean yours is worth more now.

This kind of tax levy contributes to gentrification as well- forcing people from their homes as they age. Sure, the county offers a rollback if you are over 65, but, let’s be realistic, why is there a penalty for being part of a neighborhood that rises in value? Isn’t this the opposite of the “American Way” where you are supposed to prosper, not suffer, for making a good investment?

When I bought my house for $14,500 in January, 1986, it came with a lot of risk- so much in fact, that no bank would give me a loan on the property. It had been on the market for 2 years, starting out at $22,900 and was listed at $17,900 when I offered $14,500 and they took it.

Because I worked hard to fix up my house, and participated in my neighborhood, other homes have sold for a lot more. Those people aren’t buying into such a risky neighborhood anymore- and banks will finance them. They have received the fruits of my labor- and benefited from the risks I took. The question is- why should I be penalized?

This practice of raising taxes on properties that haven’t changed hands is despicable, and good reason to reexamine the entire valuation system. The fact that so many people are appealing is case in point that the system isn’t working. I’ve yet to be called for my re-evals.

I’m also at a loss why I should be paying tax dollars for the city to invest in speculative real estate, like the buildings by Garden Station, and on E. Third Street. That’s not what I pay my taxes for- to take properties off the tax rolls.

Why our tax dollars are subsidizing a private company, Tyler Technologies, to do government work is also questionable. How and why did a private company end up with this multimillion dollar contract to play games with our tax rates? It’s time for some real answers.

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Hey, just shut up and pay your fair share. It’s the Obama way.


Property taxes and sales taxes are inherently unfair and regressive. Moreover, they’re quite costly to collect. Best thing would be to eliminate them altogether and raise income tax rates–and then eliminate all income tax deductions or credits or other breaks to make that system work efficiently.


If only someone had brought this up during the 2014 campaign to elect a new auditor.

Oh wait. We did. No one cares.


I wonder what they would do if we just paid what was actually fair? Whether it be a few years ago’s number or just something the home owner personally thought was fair? Especially someone like you who has appealed with no response; like hey, I’ve contested and haven’t heard back… Not my fault you guys can’t get back to me.

I just totally agree with everything you said. There needs to be SOMETHING we can do other than just wait on them to get back to us.


It is endlessly amusing. The good people of Montgomery County do not need politicians to increase their taxes. Any special interest group just needs to put up commercials with a few adorable children, some elderly and disabled folk. Suddenly, the guilt ridden fools trip over themselves to vote in favor of any tax increase. These are the same people that wouldn’t pull a dollar bill out of their own pockets or don’t have a dollar bill in their own pockets but seem more than content to reach into their neighbor’s pocket to rob him of the fruits of his labor. Over the years my friends and family have fled the Long Island, New York area because they cannot afford a $12,000-$20,000 property tax bill.

Andrew Davin

What do I think of this bog?  You’re a cheapskate whinger who figured out how to use a computer.  Because of the great services in the Dayton area county (not just your property improvements,) it’s a desirable place to live and that has raised your property values.  Bus service, medical care and education, local roads, downtown improvements. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. And the people who provide all the services have to eat too.

What you are arguing for is privatization.  Try that sometime.  You would soon be singing a very different tune, especially if you have a family.