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Turner makes most corrupt list- DOH!

A Washington watchdog group just figured out what I’ve been telling you for years: Lori Turner’s firm, “The Turner Effect [1]” is nothing but a slush fund for Turner’s campaign donors. Go read the full report on their site:

Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) is a third-term member of Congress, representing Ohio’s 3rd congressional district. Rep. Turner’s ethics issues stem from a no-bid marketing contract that was awarded to his wife from a group that receives federal funding…

Ms. Turner claimed the Dayton Development Coalition [2] contract presented no conflict of interest because her husband has no affiliation with the coalition and the coalition receives no federal earmarks.  FedSpending.org [3] shows, however, that the coalition has received at least $1.2 million in federal funds in fiscal year 2006.

After criticism from the local media, Ms. Turner withdrew her company from the branding campaign in February 2008, before receiving additional funds from the coalition for the second half of the campaign.

Since 2002 staff, members of the board of directors of the Dayton Development Coalition and their families have donated $100,650 to Rep. Turner’s campaign committee.

The House Ethics Committee should investigate whether Ms. Turner secured a contract with the Dayton Development Coalition because of her relationship with Rep. Turner and as part of an effort by the coalition to curry favor with Rep. Turner in order to receive federal earmarks.  In addition, by funneling funds to an entity that hired his wife, Rep. Turner may have dispensed special favors in violation of House rules. The Committee should also investigate to determine if Rep. Turner accepted over $100,000 in campaign contributions from the Dayton Development Coalition in return for earmarking federal funds in violation of 5 U.S.C. § 7353 and House Rule 23.

Rep. Michael Turner (R-OH) | CREW’s Most Corrupt Members of Congress [4].

Never mind that she does work for PAC’s [5] that also give Turner money. It’s time to look behind the curtain.

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David, David, David – and you think the DDN sensationalizes? I don’t mean to split hairs but #1 – Turner is last on the Dishonorable Mention part of the list. OK, not cool that he’s on it at all, but…for all we know, you sent them an email tipping them off just so you could try to say “I told you so”.

The “report” is full of “the committee SHOULD investigate”… “MAY have dispensed”. There is NOTHING about has been investigated, nor if anything was DETERMINED.

This is just like the weather reports that Hurricane (insert name here) MAY hit New Orleans and MAY become a level (insert # here) storm that MIGHT pack winds of (insert # here) mph.

This isn’t news, it’s not a conviction, hell it’s not even an investigation – it’s just saying that they think he should be investigated. Innocent until proven guilty, the last I check.

And, please, no hurling insults about my “drinking the coolaid”. I don’t know if the Turner’s or the Coalition have done anything wrong, but I know they have collectively done a lot of good for this community. I just cannot understand your intense hatred of the man – is he worth it to you? He who angers you, conquers you. Let it go David, it’s eating you alive. And it’s really getting old.


I did read the full report. You won five times. What more do you need?

Do you realize that Dayton’s process to apply for earmarks is very open and transparent, and some feel that it could be the very model for the reform that McCain & others are talking about?

I’m just saying you’ve said it all over and over, let it go. IF anything comes up in the future, you will already be on the record. Focus your brilliant mind on something more productive & positive.


My problem with Turner is his prejudice. He is a homophobe, vocally and actively opposing civil rights for protections for gays and lesbians as mayor, sucessfully defeating this back in the late 1990s, if I recall right.

The question I had at that time was if Turner was being an political opportunist, or if he really was a bigot. It turns out that after he entered Congress he continued with his anti-gay politics, being one of the cosponsors of an amendment to the Consitution to outlaw gay marriage and civil unions, willing to write discrimination into one of our nations founding documents.

Given this track record I think Turner is truly prejudiced regarding lesbians and gays, willing to use his political office to further his personal bigotry as well as those of his consituents.

As for this corruption thing, it’s just another perspective on Turners’ poor character. I’m looking forward to the forthcoming issue of Mother Jones to read a bit more on this, as it appears to amplify what Esrati is saying.


Now Mike Turner is a hero. An elected official – mayor to the house – he is da man!

He is SMART! Goooooooooooooooood looking and one hell of a l……………. he is a real American hero. He does not call woman pigs, or vp nominee a pig.

“Lipstick letter ‘cross the mirror this morning……..” A classic opening line from what CM artist(s)?

greg hunter

Gene, if he is a good lover, and it seems you know, then that’s the only thing he is good at; Kool-aid drinkers. Has no friends, sold out to everyone and adresses bullshit. He is a minion of “The Old Serpent”. It is pathetic that Dayton has elected a bigger douche bag than Tony Hall. (editors choice) I’m not worthy of trying as I am unbelievbly ignorant (note- don’t attack other posters on this blog). America cannot afford anymore Turner like stupidity as well as the religious bigotry. America and Dayton are so f@@@@@@.

I will save a nice Chianti for you!


He is rich – you are not. He is my friend – you are not. He can buy a lot of Kool-aid, many flavors.

What grapes are in Chianti?

greg hunter

Sorry for attacking, but…. And can I get a better edit? Sorry Gene, no Shakespeare only pop culture.


re: chianti? or do you have to google it?

Alice in Wonderland

You’re kidding me right? CREW – oh good god.
Does anyone here actually research what Mr. Esrati posts or do you just lick it up?
CREW is ENTIRELY comprised of attorneys – that is all that they do is sue people out of the goodness of their hearts…no other purpose on the planet and most of the people that they sue they don’t even represent – so they literally are bloodsucking attorneys.
CREW ‘s chief counsel, Melanie Sloan, worked for Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and (drum roll here) Joe Biden (another Democrat – I am so shocked). As a matter of fact most of the CV’s of CREW employees read this way – but I am quite sure that they are entirely unbiased. My resume certainly doesn’t note my political affiliation anywhere so I am quite curious as to why Ms. Sloan mentions hers?
The only Democrats on CREW’s list are so corrupt (like Jefferson’s “frozen funny money”) it’s a joke to even mention them on their Most Corrupt List. Like I or anyone else didn’t realize that stuffing $90,000 cash into my freezer as a result of a bribe might get me some time in the slammer.
By the way CREW has a Tip Line – I wonder who told them about this non-issue involving our Congressman here in Ohio?



Thank you very much. How pathetic of a list if the allegations against Turner aren’t even founded? I mean, out of 535 members of Congress, Turner makes it? Doesn’t make any sense. I bet mitakides kept on ringing CREW to the point of annoyance. Lord knows she has absolutely no platform on which to run.


This does sort of apply, kind of, if you follow, not that this matters, but…….

A “girlfriend” of mine used to love Herby (Kirk Herbstreet sp?) of ESPN College Game Day, but no longer doe. The reason? She “heard” he cheats on his wife.

The point is where does any of this start and end. For all I know Lee Corso and Chris Fowler (the other two guys on the same show) cheat on their wives. It can go on and on.

WE NEED PROOF – AND A CONVICTION. Other wise David has taken bribes to keep down the poor people in South Park. Or so I heard……..

greg hunter

I need no conviction as there are too many ways to “game” the system. I willing break laws, but I am unwilling to participate or take advantage of people just because I can and it is “legal”. I hold Mike and Tony to these same standards. Tony is/was a shill for Monsanto as Mike is a lapdog of the military, outsourcing and construction.

If Jimmy and Alice had any real convictions or guts they post under there own names otherwise one must assume they are trolls or paid by Mike.

Not a cloud in the sky in Ketchikan, Alaska. I love America!