Turner leaks classified data

In a bizarre move that put him at the center of attention, Mike Turner as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee removed all credibility of his capacity when he went public a day before a meeting of the “Gang of 8” was to discuss “new” Russian nuclear capacity in space.

Apparently, he released the compartmentalized top secret information to all members of Congress on Monday, despite the fact that all members of Congress do not have security clearances.

Rep. Seth Moulton, D-MA, who sits on the Armed Services Committee, said on CNN that this information was hardly new, he’d been briefed on it 2 years ago- and that Turner either wasn’t listening or wasn’t cleared at the time.

Congressman Seth Moulton interviewed about Mike Turner’s leaking of classified info

Moulton says ” he’s put our national security at risk. He’s put the sources of intelligence at risk. He’s raised a lot of questions with our allies, who, of course, count on us to keep them safe. And he’s really inhibited our ability to respond.”

CNN: So so do you believe that he should face penalties?

Moulton: “Oh, I think you’re right. Look, I certainly don’t trust him, and I think the House Republican leadership has to really address whether he can continue chairing this committee.”

Remember, Mike Turner was on the Sunday morning talk shows defending Donald Trumps mishandling of TS/SCI info at Mar a Lago” after the raid. While he may be able to claim the president had the rights to this info, can he say the same about Marjorie Taylor Greene? Or someone like George Santo’s if he’d still been in office (Turner voted to keep him). The reality is, you can run for Congress without even having to pass a background check, never mind a security clearance check.

As his last opponent and possibly his future opponent after the Mar 19th Primary, I issued a statement about his leak, you can read it here: Turner’s Grandstanding puts nation at risk Of course, you won’t read about this in the Dayton Daily Newsless until Friday and it’s unlikely they will ask me for comments.

I had a clearance when I was in the Army. We took these things very seriously, because we knew lives were on the line. Mike Turner has no understanding of the risk he’s put the sources of this information in, or our military, by his abuse of power and reckless release of compartmentalized information.

There will be much more to come out of this story, but, for now, know that if anyone on the base had released this info, they’d already been behind bars.

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