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The unintended side effects of the anti-Obamacare dolts

You’ve heard about businesses, big and small, threatening to move workers to part-time so as to avoid having to pay for Obamacare. Big business claiming that they can’t afford to pay for having full-time healthy workers, ones who are more likely to show up for work on time because they weren’t up all night with a bad sinus infection that is going untreated because they couldn’t afford a doctor’s visit. Yeah. So, instead, we’ll just hire more people (or more problems as any small business owner will tell you) to try to do the same work- and of course, none of those part-timers will have cured their sinus infection either- so your remaining full-time workers will be getting exposed to these sick legions of part-time drones.

What is this ultimately doing? Thanks to these dolts, they are going to drive unemployment to an all-time low, making the president look like the greatest hero to the working class ever. Jobs for everyone. Granted, it may mean you are working two part-time jobs, instead of one, but, many are already doing that. Wages for the best part-time worker will slowly rise as companies realize that turn and churn is costing them even more (my biggest expenses in hiring new people is the training time it takes to make them effective, not taxes or health care).

The rising tide of full employment and the increased circulation of money (remember people with less money spend a much higher proportion of their income, as opposed to rich people who often let it languish in the stock market, real estate or other big-dollar investments) will push new opportunities for entrepreneurial growth, including lower cost options in health care clinics as some physicians realize that there is a market for health care run like an assembly line now that everyone is covered. Imagine mini-health clinics that have five doctors working with one person to file standardized claims instead of one doctor with four people to handle filing claims. The entire health care industry will boom, needing new facilities, new nurses, new therapists (occupational, geriatric, physio etc).

In two years of high job growth, the Dems will recapture the House of Representatives, Republican governors who’ve made their mark by shifting taxes to local n00bs who can’t manage it effectively will fall as well, and an entire new generation of leaders will step forward riding on the wave of real jobs for real voters.

Thank you, you greedy bastards, you’re going to make Obama into the most popular president ever, or go out of business trying to prove your point.

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No Name

David for someone who writes as well as you do, you are a retard at times.  Obama care was written for the pharm corporations, heath insurance companies, corporate hospitals and trail attorneys that funded his campaign.  Our system is being bankrupted by both people whose poor health choices have made them medically dependent on drugs, doctors and surgeries that would have otherwise been unnecessary and pharm corporations that have turned doctors into pill peddlers.  The bottom feeding slobs in this country already had free health insurance and were covered.  The purpose of Obama care is to force a strict vegetarian, ideal weight and walk two miles a day person like me who never uses my health insurance because I am a responsible citizen into the same group as those people who bankrupt it.  It’s like forcing a safe driver into the same pool as a driver that has 3 dui’s and 3 accidents in the last the years and making the safe driving pay 8 times more than he should to pay for the risk the irresponsible driver creates.
Obama care tells insurance companies they can keep 20% of the premiums for themselves in a system that will dump 2.5 trillion out of the government over the next 10 years.  That’s a 500 billion dollar cut for the health insurance companies?  Why aren’t you and the occupy retards out there protesting that?


Obamacare might just create new private health care insurers, too.  Why pay Care Source and let them rip you off?


According to the DDN last night, “Youngstown State University is among the first schools in the country to announce it will cap the number of hours worked by part-time faculty in response to a mandate in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that could require the school to provide health care to those employees, or face costly penalties.”

This move is a no-brainer and should surprise no one. Any employer who can avoid ObummerCare’s mandates, taxes and penalties is going to do just that, and if it means reducing the number of full-time employees and/or reducing part-time employee hours, so be it. 

The reality is that an employer is going to do whatever it takes to protect his/her bottom line. I’m afraid the pollyannas on the left are in for a rude awakening on this one.

Bubba Jones

New this morning…  One more thing in the “we have to pass the bill so we know what’s in it” (-Nancy Pelosi) Obamacare bill.

So, David, you’re serious about this???  Honestly, I thought this post was a joke you were playing on us.


Bubba Jones

Well, the hyperlink worked when I was typing the above, but disappeared after I submitted….




My friend’s daughter was in a car accident.  She piled up on medical bills but since she told the hospital she lived with her folks, Obama Care covered all her expenses- she is 26 years old.
I have not had health insurance in seven years, so I always look ahead of me so I don’t fall down and get hurt.