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The oligarchy backs the monopoly: local dems like casinos

I’m not sure what just happened, unless the Issue 3 people wrote the locals a check to back their incumbent “Team” of McLin, Whaley and Williams, but breaking ranks with the Governor and Senator Brown is big.

The Montgomery County Democratic Party, the people who routinely try to (and succeed at) stop primaries, now want to hand a monopoly in casino gambling to a single entity- without any guarantees of performance, with a constitutional amendment. Also note, Dayton, isn’t even eligible for a casino in this plan, doing nothing to help keep people, or jobs here.

The Montgomery County Democratic Party has endorsed Issue 3…

The endorsement puts the county party at odds with leading Democratic officeholders, including Gov. Ted Strickland and Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher who oppose the issue. Also, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio….

In a press release on Wednesday, Oct. 21, the county party said that the plan would bring jobs to Ohio and millions of dollars to Montgomery County, the city of Dayton and local schools.

“This plan will keep important money and jobs in Ohio,” Mark Owens, party chair said in the release. “The Montgomery County Democratic Party is proud to stand with local labor in support of State Issue 3.”

via Montgomery County Dems endorse casino plan | Ohio politics [1].

If there is, or was a time, for the religious leaders in Dayton to look clearly at the Montgomery County Democratic Party- and it’s undemocratic ways, and call them on the carpet, this would be it.

If you read my post about how Issue 3 bans fish frys [2]– and doesn’t guarantee performance or payment to the State, you’d understand how bad this Amendment is.

It’s time to look closely at the Democratic Party- and ask, is this the party I want to be a part of, run the way it is, in Montgomery County?

Is it time for a new Democratic Party to take over? Or, for a overthrow of the current crew of patronage people and union bosses?

Of course on election day, they’ll now be handing out slate cards encouraging people to vote “for the team” and for casinos. Do you really want to bet on the current horses who’ve sold out to the local Democratic Party to get elected at any cost?

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I saw the headline of an article that said Montgomery Co could later become eligible for casinos after the first wave. It was at DDN, as I recall, but I didn’t read the actual article.

Wesley Wellbilly

Great. More encouragement of the 500-lb land whale masses on buses to drive to the casino to eat at the buffet all day long while throwing their childrens’ inheritance down the pisser for some cheap, momentary thrills.
I love this country!

Gary Staiger

Very bad decision. We’ll be opening more chapters of Gamblers Anonymous if it passes.