The Mentor tax credit: a Taxes are Good*™ Program from Esrati

Photo from IMDB site of Bad News BearsWe give the über rich people all kinds of tax credits. Face it, our tax system has become so complicated only those who are either empty-pockets broke and do their 1040ez themselves, or the super rich who can afford accountants and financial planners to work the system get treated well. The rest of us in the middle- it’s a crapshoot.

When Taxes are Good*™ they reward policy and practices that move us forward as a society, not as individuals. That’s why I want to introduce the Coaches Credit™  – a tax credit for all those Little League, AAU, Pop Warner coaches (and don’t think it’s just for sports- cheerleader coaches, theater group directors, Scout leaders etc.) should get something back for giving back from Uncle Sam.

We understand that the time you invest in a young persons future- is an investment in the future of America, because kids who play sports are too busy to get into other trouble (David Wright and your Mom’s station wagon and the 17 stop signs, you, my High School friend, were the exception).

When I say I plan to invest in the future of our Country- I mean it. I’m starting with you Mr. Tris Speaker Coach, we salute you.

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