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The guy running against Carolyn Rice is suddenly the Dayton Day Old News’ favorite source

Funny, when the newspaper starts making sure to quote a guy running against for office- and not at least mentioning his opponent, old time journalists would cry foul. Equal time, equal space. But not the Dayton Day old news which seems to have a new favorite source (after Niraj Antani, of course- who reportedly calls people daily asking if they need a quote from him).

I’m not publishing the candidates name, because, well, the Dayton Day-old news has done a superb job of doing it- without his opponent.

Of course, every byline has Mr. Lazypants, Thomas Gnau as the writer. He’s the guy that got “the scoop” on Qbase being corrupt, oh, 18 months after I broke the story, [1] and didn’t give me credit.

(Candidate), head of (company named after him), said he would like to see the next governor revamp the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, the state run insurance program for injured workers. (Candidate) said his workers’ compensation premiums are a big expense and he’d like the option of picking a high-deductible plan, rather than the one-size-fits-all plan that is in place.

He added that Ohio should allow for gradually phasing out public benefits for workers as they earn more. As it is, once they cross an income threshold, all benefits end — like going off a cliff, he said.

“I’m a small business owner so those are the issues we are looking at as the key issues,” (candidate) said.

Source: Mike DeWine, Richard Cordray plans for jobs, economy [2]

That was in a front page story on Sunday. No mention that he’s running for County Commissioner, or that he’s a (bedroom community) trustee.

and in a June 07, 2018

(candidate), a (bedroom community) trustee, said he had heard rumblings Teradata officials wanted to leave Dayton, but he said the company had not contacted the township directly about its plans.

“We have tried to contact Teradata over the last couple of years,” (Candidate) said. He said the company has not responded to those overtures, particularly after local-resident Bruce Langos, who was Teradata Chief Operating Officer for 10 years, left the company in early 2016.

Source: Teradata to leave Miami Twp.: Dayton Business [3]

And in a Mar 18th Article-

(Candidate), owner of Dayton (whatever) firm (candidates namesake company), said companies are competing for the right applicants.

“We see companies doing sign-on bonuses for entry-level people right now,” (Candidate) said.

The problem is “a region-wide shortage of workers,” he said.

“This is causing an underemployment problem,” (Candidate) said. There aren’t enough qualified people for the openings manufacturers have. Employers want to promote workers, but they can’t backfill the positions with younger people, he said.

“We don’t have any (manufacturing) companies that pay minimum wage … I would say our unwritten minimum wage right now is probably $10, if not a little higher.”

Source: Dayton manufacturers increasing starting pay, salaries [4]

I could go find more- but, he’s (the candidate and the writer) not worth it.

The competent journalist, Chris Stewart, gets it right- always mentioning his current political race and opposition.

This November, do us all a favor, and vote for Carolyn Rice- a quiet professional, who won’t make the county commission job all about her.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why this guy isn’t running for County Auditor, he’d love to see his name on every gas pump.

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Bubba Jones

Niraj. LOL!! He’s never met a camera that he doesn’t like!! He’s trying to get as much face time as he can to build name recognition for when he runs for state senate when Peggy Lehner term limits out of office.

David, do you know what the County Commission seat pays? I looked online and couldn’t find a reference to it. What’s-his-name is making $22,676 as a Township Trustee. Carolyn Rice is probably making north of $100k as Treasurer. For him, a step up in pay, I’m sure – and probably not much more of a time commitment over being a Trustee for a bedroom community. For Carolyn, a step down, but less time involved so she can spend more time with her grandkids.

My main problem with Carolyn Rice is that she’s going from one elected position to another. I’m still of the opinion that one should serve as elected official and then go back to whatever private sector job you held before. I don’t think you should make a career of being an elected official. Just my $0.02.

Biz Mark

The Carolyn Rice Story: got bit by the Kerry Campaign bug in 2004, meaning she breathed the same air as he & got hooked on power. Realized it didn’t take much in Dayton to climb up the political ladder. Since she had been out of a real job for…well… years….after the defeat of Kerry she pretended to be disillusioned with the world. She frequented various meetings all over Dayton area, schmoozing for recognition. Then…Voila…she gets elected to the Central Committee. No real boots on the ground work did she do ala The Whale Story. Schoomzing continued & she ran & won the Treasurer position. She may be what the Dems come up with in replacing The Whale
Sad because there are so many talented, bright, hardworking women in Dayton and this is what we get.


Sorry, nope.

After that crap the Montgomery County Commission just pulled ramming through their .25% sales tax increase, no way I would vote for another D on that committee. Voters sure do have a short memory.

Would love to see one D, one R, and one I to balance things out on the County Commission, but in Montgomery County that will never happen.


David, weren’t you also opposed to the .25% sales tax increase? And who said anything about getting my panties in a twist. Sheesh.


Why in the hell would we vote for Carolyn Rice, the brunette Debbie Lieberman? Do you like the way things are now? Freaking drain the swamp. You’ve said it yourself that this county doesn’t know a damn thing on how to budget the money they already do have. I see Barry doing way better than Rice on this. Besides bashing the opponent, why don’t you talk about what Rice is going to do? I’ve heard very little. For the record, I am not R or D! I am registered as G.