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The dirty on the District: DPS still can’t get it right

Apparently, without board approval, the board or Superintendent has hired Burges and Burges [1] out of Cleveland- to do a survey of the perception of the district. This expenditure was NEVER listed for approval on any board agenda.

The survey started today. They are asking for people to respond to a 15-20 minute phone survey.

https://esrati.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Burges-call-about-DPS.wav [2]

As if that wasn’t enough hocus pocus for one week- after already screwing with Valerie Elementary School- one of the few schools with a really strong parental involvement- this came through NextDoor.com

Ruskin Families: Some of you may be unaware but the Superintendent and Board are trying to terminate Ms Dearwester as Ruskin’s Principal. We are asking everyone to show their support by attending the Tuesday April 17 DPS Board meeting at 5. If you would like to speak you have to sign up by 4:45. People are wearing orange and black to show support. Please come and show your support for Our Principal!! Thank You

Ruskin is another school that has strong parental involvement. The only two left to screw with are Rivers Edge and Horace Mann. I’m sure those are up next in the grand plan to destroy the district.

Note the comment about showing up early to register- they are now requiring people to sign up at least 5 minutes before the meeting- and stipulate if it’s an agenda item or not- and limiting the number of non-agenda item speakers.

I don’t see any mention of Dearwester on the agenda, but, they are going into executive session about someone.

Other items of note- they are increasing the amount of money they are allocating to SUBASHI & WILDERMUTH [3]:

Increase $50,000 to provide legal services to the district for various legal matters on an as needed basis for the 2017-2018 school year. Originally approved on June 2017 board agenda Board Agenda: April 17, 2018 $ 175,000.00 PR028544
Brian Wildermuth [4] is the attorney on my case and on the Dunbar Basketball case and the Craig Jones case.
Word is from OHSAA that if the board doesn’t agree to pay OHSAA legal bills for that exercise, and fire a few people, Dunbar and or DPS may not be playing in any high school sports sponsored by the state.
thumbnail of Settlement Agreement and Release — DNK Architects [5]

Click to download PDF

The board is also getting $1.5M from a settlement with DNK architects for a quit claim on the failures of both Wogamen and Louise Troy buildings. This is based on a contract from 2002.

Maybe Rev Harris will actually get the first vote correct on the acceptance of a resignation tomorrow. He’s failed every single one since he’s taken his seat.
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Ruskin Family

I am continually amazed at the district’s attack on those people who are positively impacting the district. Principal Dearwester has done a remarkable job over the past two years at Ruskin, and I think that you will find few families who disagree. For those who do not know, this is the school on Xenia Avenue…one of the most opiate blighted parts of Dayton. The doors are open for a litany of afterschool engagements, and with dignity and respect, the principal has conducted herself as the true CEO of this school.

The district does have some poor principals, but it is not as if people are lining up to be members of the Titanic crew. I am reminded of a video that I viewed recently identifying the definition of sycophant, and believe that an additional definition could be made. Sycophant: a noun referencing the type of principals whom Lolli demands.

Leslie Zukowsky

The tape said calling stakeholders, does that mean voters, coommunity members or parents will not be included or will be included?
How many folks do they need to survey to get a valid sample?
Will they call only landlines or are cell phones now included in the data available to Burges or anyone else taking a survey?

Leslie Zukowsky

The tape said stakeholders, that includes parents, community members and voters, right?
How many folks do they need to survey to get a
valid sample?
Will they call landlines and cell phones? Where is that data collected?
Thanks for all you do for the community!


Poor Jennifer Dearwester. She needs a lawyer, which I’m sure she has, and will receive a beautiful buy out, which she deserves for being descriminated against for how she looks. Let’s not forget item two, her building is dirty, which both former principals (and parents-staff) can attest has been the case since day one, with no success of getting it cleaned due to overuse of the building and staffing issues. If past principals weren’t able to get it cleaned, why should she be held accountable?

How about dealing with Walters that’s out drunk at all the bars with Corr all over the Oregon District? Oh she dresses better….makes her more responsible. You need to talk to the right people to get the right information on what’s really happening in DPS. No offense but you have backed off of them (Corr-Walters) bc they feed you info now. Let’s start posting the truth.
Ruskin is a good school bc of the leaders it’s had. Rougher area. Good leaders. Dearwester will own the east end once her lawsuit it over, hopefully she charges DPS admission to enter.


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