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The Dayton Daily News Editorial board interview

Today at 1pm, I will be sitting in a conference room with my opponents in the Dayton City Commission race. Nan Whaley, Joey Williams and me, the challenger, will be outnumbered by Ellen Belcher, Martin Gottlieb, Kevin Riley and Scott Elliot. A reporter will be in the room covering the meeting- but, not asking questions. The interview will last, at most 90 minutes. I could write what the questions will be right now- and predict the out come.

But, to make things interesting- and since I know they read my site, why don’t you suggest the questions you’d ask?

I’m going to suggest my questions for each candidate:

For Nan Whaley: Who is Kitt Cooper, and why would he give you $5,500 and the Mayor $10,000? Doesn’t that seem like a lot of money from a guy who lives in Westerville?

For Joey Williams: The State House of Representatives just passed the HB 176, yet you abstained on similar legislation last year. As an African American, how can you not protect the rights of others, yet call yourself a democrat.

For me: You’ve called Joey “spineless” and Matt “clueless” – how would you be able to work with these people on a weekly basis?

I’ll do my best to report back what was asked- and what was said. They won’t let me record it- but, we’ll see what comes of it. You can read what happened when I went for the Congressional race here: Dayton Daily News Endorsement Inquisition [1].

Put your questions  in the comments- and we’ll see if they ask any of them.


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