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The Dayton Daily 2/3rds news

The Dayton Daily News “broke” the story that my neighborhood investor/rehabber Beavercreek resident Theresa Gasper has declared as a Democratic Candidate for the Ohio 10th to face Mike Turner. They report that she and Rob Klepinger will face off in the primary. Rob has run twice- and captured about 37% of the vote, without spending $10K.

Totally missing from the story is Michael Milisits [1], a Riverside rep, who announced before either of them thought of it. A Union steward at CWA Local 4322, he’s been at this for a few months.Look him up.

Now, the question is if the Montgomery County Democratic Party can keep their boys in the back room screening committee out of the primary- other than to vet candidates- not endorse.

In other news, the Dayton Daily news, announces their new advertising tagline: “If it’s in Dayton, it’s news to us.”

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Bubba Jones

Interesting! And exciting!!

I haven’t voted for a congressman in our district in years! In the R Primary, I ALWAYS vote for whoever is running against Turner (if anyone). But in the General I can never bring myself to vote for whatever weak and uninformed candidate that the D’s run. And I WILL NOT vote for Turner. I will be taking a closer look at Ms. Gasper and might cast my first D vote in years. Hopefully she doesn’t turn out to be a disappointment like the last female D for Congress that I considered years ago.

One word of advice Theresa – try not to get in any fights with your husband between now and the election. I’d hate to see you be Studebakered!