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The angst of the political neophytes

[1]On a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon (14 Jan 2017), about 45 people met in the basement of the Wright Library in Oakwood to learn “How to elect & support local officials.” I was one of the panelists, along with:

Also notably in attendance was Sarah Greathouse, the new executive director of the Montgomery County Democratic Party.

The audience was mostly women. Upset women. How did a misogynist beat their girl? Now, we have to start paying attention and fix it, because, well, women need to be in office.

Nan was loving it. Totally in her element, talking about how women are underrepresented in office.

She’s right of course, but, that’s not what the real issue is, as Nan spelled it out:

Unfortunately, thanks to the Republican landslide, money in politics isn’t going to go away, and more than likely, Trump will name not just one, but as many as three supreme court justices before the mid-terms and it will be all over for a long time. Too little, too late.

The gerrymandering situation, well, the audience wanted to know more about it. Because, most voters never learned how our “democracy” works in school, and certainly haven’t bothered to pay attention until now. How the apportionment board works in Ohio was explained- yet, the likelihood of the Dems grabbing the Governorship, Secretary of State and the Auditor in 2018 is slim and none, unless the backlash against Trump, and the current Republican domination of the Statehouse causes a meltdown the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

I wouldn’t count on it. Although the women’s march yesterday and all of its supporting marches did give me some hope. Organizing is great, but, if it’s just more of us vs them, without a clear list of issues, we’re all doomed.

This group is afraid to put the word “Democrat” in their name- because the founder thinks it’s meaning is kind of “murky”- well, then maybe your first goal should be to clearly define what being a democrat means.

It’s time for the local dems to learn from my friend, Rob Scott, founder of the Dayton Tea Party, and the organizer of the short lived overthrow of the local republican establishment (and yes, I have friends who I’ll never agree with politically):

Dayton Tea Party co-founder, Rob Scott, now Kettering vice mayor, said the key for the movement was that activists knocked on doors, made phone calls, held rallies and focused on issues.

“I think that’s why the tea party movement really took off because we talked about issues,” Scott said. “In 2010 it was like a big wave and it was handed over to the Republican Party.”

Source: Women’s march organizers hope to start movement [2]

Electing women is not an issue, it’s a cause. Issues are things like we have too many jurisdictions in Montgomery County, too many different tax regulations, unfunded mandates, poor schools, an unconstitutional school funding system, the list goes on…

The funny thing about the group hosting this meeting- it’s a private facebook group.

Sort of like the private club that selects the democratic candidates behind closed doors in Montgomery County.

Which brings us to the important news of the week: This Thursday, at the IUE hall on S. Jefferson, at 7pm, the Montgomery County Democratic Party is going to have a meeting where they are talking about appointing a whole bunch of new precinct captains. If they really want to show they’ve turned over a new leaf- we’d pass a rule: no one can be a precinct captain if they work in local government, or are related to someone who works in local government. That would be a good first step to dethroning the monarchy of Montgomery County and turning the party into a true Democratic Party.

Oh, yes, and start talking about issues.

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Hm. Hoping that one of the established two major parties will reform the system that sustains them. Isn’t that a little like doing the same thing again and again and hoping for different results?

I’m looking for a movement that will not become a political party, that will circumvent the dominance of big money through effective use of media, and that will promote pragmatic solutions while rejecting ideologies. Let me know if you hear of one.

Meanwhile, I’m not joining in with either party, it only encourages them.

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The Whale REALLY has a lotta nerve. Her influence in Montgomery County could not even carry it for her girl, Hillary. She is riding out her term as Mayor so she can springboard to national level next cycle. Her presence was merely to achieve that end, in Oakwood no less, than to add any real insight into the demise of the Democratic Party.

Ice Bandit

…yeah, money in politics is evil. Hillary outspent Trump in the presidential campaign, and that’s the only reason she’s President today…

new government

how about the secret meetings that take place at 6:30 the same night for selected democrats, privileged democrats that meet on the executive committee that the rest of us cannot attend? their secret dirty tricks will be in play before anyone of us can know what they will do before the more open democratic meeting!

Greg Hunter

Ideas – HA had Hillary actually stopped pandering on the 2a ALONE she might have pulled the rural voters in PENN, WI and MI.

It would be easy to peal off these voters with a coherent message and embracing the CONSTITUTION instead of pandering to every BS cause.

Auston Hensley

Hearing you talk about “too many jurisdictions” in the Dayton area confounds me. You advocate regionalism while ignoring the obvious consequence of regionalism: Nan would have a significant claim to be the queen of the whole metro area.

That would be an unmitigated disaster. I oppose regionalism because I don’t want Nan’s petty fiefdom to be an inch larger than it currently is.

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