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Thanksgiving Day video: The Turkey Trot

We both ran the Turkey Trot in Miamisburg this morning. I was an official runner- Greg ran “bandit”- registrations closed on the 5 mile run a few days ago, at 6,700.
My official time is now up: 47:50 which means I ran under 10 minute miles- not bad considering my right ankle looked like a football on Tuesday night.
Just another great thing to do when you live in Dayton.
This is a short one (thankfully) and covers the Dayton Gems- whom I watched lose last night (no mention of the game in the Dayton Daily), Hara Arena (and the gun and knife show).
[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqITLbnGFTY[/youtube] Happy Thanksgiving

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Before anyone goes nuts, the AK’s are semi-automatic and no more dangerous than your dad’s hunting rifle.  As for the person buying the gun without ID, this is the second time that this “dealer” has been busted on camera for selling illegally.  Unfortunately, the first time was Mayor Bloomberg’s “sting” in which he turned over absolutely zero evidence to law enforcement.  DDN wants to blame Goodman for this issue but what is being done to prosecute the “dealer”.
Is this evidence being turned over so arrests can be made or is this simply another Brady news item so they can hype up the so-called “gun show loophole” (which has nothing to do with gun shows).  This “loophole” is simply that private gun owners can sell their weapons without background checks.  If this seller was a dealer as the article states, Federal laws have been broke and it is not a “loophole”.  If it was a private sale, it is not illegal as the article suggests and Goodman cannot provide any “oversight” on that situation as it is perfectly legal.  So which is it DDN?  Illegal and no arrests are being made (yet again) or completely legal and you are providing wonderful PR for the Brady campaign which doesn’t give a crap about illegal guns.  It wants all guns taken away.  David, you really have to stop reading the Dayton Daily as it is not news.  It’s a liberal rag.

Greg Hunter

David does not believe in the Constitution.  Certain rights were beyond what the rabble could vote on or control for very good reason, which he appears unable to comprehend.