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Social media changing urban resource use? The Usemore concept

Microsoft sponsored a contest to use their technologies for good- with a “brief” called “phizzpop [1].” As part of the SXSW [2] conference in Austin, the challenge was how to make Austin more “green.” Given that Austin TX is already well on the way and very “green” already, this wasn’t an easy task.

A friend of mine was involved in the following presentation- which won the contest. If you know much about zipcars, this is zip cars [3] on steroids, with a bit of Craigslist [4], freecycle [5] and twitter [6] all rolled into one site. I think the 6 minute video is well worth watching as a creative spark for how to rethink and remake Dayton.


Congratulations to Adrian Ho, Zeus Jones [7] and Sierra/Bravo [8] for thinking big- and coming up with a winner.

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This is cool. People are already finding creative ways of bartering. Why not take it to the next level?
It’s kind of like a clearinghouse for barter. Good way to avoid tax traps too.