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Social Distancing and Ping Pong Balls videos

Social distancing Mar 30, 2020 video

Spangler is a science guy type channel with a good following, 449K followers. He has 12,000 views so far.

Our local rock stars of experiential advertising, Real Art, [1] did the same thing- only artistically and in :30 seconds and a great soundtrack on April 9, 2020.

It has over 330K views on the official channel- and has been turned viral on other channels with even more views. The story of this video’s making was on the front page of the Dayton Daily today [2]– Libby Ballengee’s first front page byline (way to go Libby!)

This is why you shouldn’t do advertising yourself, and call a professional when you need help communicating your message. This is why smart clients, actually listen to the agency they hire.

Dumb ones, think they know more about advertising than the pros they hire.

And, while this spot cost a bit of money to make, you quickly see the difference in effectiveness. Real advertising pays for itself.

The World Health Organization has a global call to creatives with a creative brief  [3] to try to help explain this crisis and the importance of working together. This video is award worthy, even if the idea may be stolen (or not).

Steve Jobs used to quote Picasso, “Good artists copy, Great artists steal.” We used this quote in our intro to my agency long ago (Sept 13, 2017):

And it only has 88 views.

Congratulations to Real Art for doing a great theft. Really. It’s beautiful.



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David Jones

How’s your “agency” thriving in the COVID-19 pandemic era?

Bubba Jones

I’d been meaning to ask the same question that my cousin, “David Jones” just asked. I mentioned to my wife a week or so ago that it appears that advertising agencies should be raking it in right now with all of the new commercials on TV about how the advertiser is still “here to help you during these troubling times.” Someone’s making money!

As the quarantining and work at home situation started to escalate, I figured my own business would slow down a bit. I was OK with that as I’ve got money put away to help me through some slow times. Nope – just the opposite. Along with the projects that I was already working on, I got a call last Friday from a contact that used to work at one of my old clients and he needs my services at a new venture he’s involved in. And on Monday I got a call from a long time client finally wanting to upgrade their systems to better facilitate working from home. So much for all the yard work I had planned.

Let’s hope this gets back to whatever is going to be “normal” pretty quickly.