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This site is mostly a blog. Blog stands for weB LOG. That doesn’t mean it’s my diary- or my notebook- but it’s a place to share my thoughts with the world.

Some have said that in order to run for Congress or City Commission, I need a “real” website. I don’t know what could be more “real” than this. It’s an open conversation, on a daily basis with the people I hope to represent. There are static pages like this one, but, in general, try doing a search- you’ll find what I said about something and when I said it- may surprise you.

You can “Subscribe” to the RSS feed from this site- so every time I post- you can automatically be told there is something new here. For that- you either need a standalone RSS reader- or an RSS aware browser (not Microsoft Explorer 6). I highly recommend you add Firefox to your computer- it can coexist with Explorer- and add the Sage extension. There is information on how to do this on my seminar site here.

If you don’t read this as an RSS feed, and want to be updated with every post, you can now subscribe by e-mail.

Just add your e-mail to the box above the search bar on the right sidebar and you’ll get an e-mail to confirm your address, and then you’ll always be in the know, asap (as soon as published)!

My former neighbor, Scott Shaw, who now works at Microsoft, said I should tell everyone that if they are using Internet Explorer 7 it is RSS aware: “and that RSS is available in the new sidebar feature built-in to Vista…and that Outlook can receive RSS feeds.”

He’s been there a week- and he must have drank the Kool-aid.

If you see something you like- please comment. Don’t send me an e-mail. Share it with everyone. You can make up an account without a link or e-mail to who you are- or use a dummy account- but, all comments will be subject to being edited and approved by me before or after posting. I do filter for inappropriate language, unsubstantiated accusations, stupidity, and spam.

Hopefully- the big ideas here will get bigger- and maybe some of them may actually happen- with your help.


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