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Should Bill Nuti still have a job?

The jobs leaving Dayton are one thing, the driving force for their leaving are another.

If I were an NCR shareholder, I’d be looking at this move and wondering- besides the tax breaks, what competitive advantage does moving to Georgia offer. $60 million is chump change to a company that pulls down $5 billion a year. There has to be more to it.

Comparing cost of living in Dayton to Atlanta: Dayton wins.

Cost of commercial real estate in Dayton: Dayton wins.

Cost of moving 1,200 people to Georgia, or filling positions of those who won’t move? Staying in Dayton wins.

Traffic congestion: Dayton wins.

Access to water, which is already a big problem in Georgia, South Carolina and northern Florida: Dayton wins.

Yes, you can get on a flight direct to Shanghai in Atlanta- but, have you ever heard of teleconferencing? I’m sure Nuti knows about it- since he tried to manage NCR from NYC, where he also entered NCR into a high-rent office so he could chum around with his other CEO buddies.

And, last but not least, let’s look at the company performance under Nuti- who took the helm on Aug 8, 2005 [1]. Besides a bump for selling off Terradata, the crown jewel of NCR’s technology portfolio, he’s lost about 2/3rds of its value.

Take a look at the stock chart: http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=NCR#chart2:symbol=ncr;range=20050808,20090602;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined [2]

For this, he takes home at least $4 million a year. On an hourly basis, that’s almost $2K an hour. Shareholders, are you paying attention?

Lose Bill Nuti, stay in Dayton and ride out the economic downturn. This move could be suicidal for NCR, but Bill Nuti will still do just fine.

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NCR stands for Nuti Can Relocate or Nasty Crap Result? You pick.


Another reference to Dayton’s water.

I probably am coming off like a holier-than-though know-it-all schmuck, but David, you get it.  There is more than just a little evidence to indicate that the 21st century will belong to those who can either efficiently use or have ample access to water, energy, and agricultural production.  Dayton had glory days in the past, and it will in the future.  We need to make it through this bottleneck intact.

Ice Bandit

  Remember the national morning show that was being broadcast from the studio on Byers Road? Yeah, the one with the hottie, blond anchor and the chubby weather man? Well, if you recall, all they did the whole time they were here was bitch, moan, complain  and cry about the indignity of having to live and work in Miamisburg. All of this, mind you, to a national audience. Only a move to a studio in Florida placated these massive, young egos. So perhaps NCR (not to mention the two or three major corporate players who haven’t abandoned Dayton’s ship yet) are having a similar problem; an inability to lure newly minted college grads and young talent to Dayton. Success breeds success, and until our elite realize that what they are currently doing  ain’t working, the worse it’s gonna’ get……….


that show is a joke……..

they think they are so hip, but their huge egos ruined anything worthwhile on the show. it was better in Dayton, btw. Orlando is just so fake, kind of like the anchors on that show.


On your YouTube spot  $30 mil was serious money, but now $60 mil is chump change  Go figure.

NCR never received anything from Dayton. They provided jobs and paid taxes, they were ambassadors of Dayton for 125 years – and now $30 mil and a weak labor pool and the poor image of Dayton has sent NCR packing. Such is life.

Jim Crotty

I know this off topic, but I can’t resist. I disagree with Ice Bandit. That blond anchor was no hottie, but she was trying awfully hard. She has just as much work and plastic on her face than Michael Jackson and Nancy Pelosi.

Greg Hunter

I was in the Oakwood Starbucks the day the anchors showed up and I did not know anything about the show, but I have big ears when it comes to people discussing Dayton, so I listened and spoke up.  The Ice Bandit is correct and they were correct, it is a terrible place as it has no life and the life that it does have is poorly marketed, plus you have to drive all over hell to get it.  I told the anchors that the only life that you would be looking for would be in the OD, where Andrea Jackson ended up.  Dayton had a chance to influence these people, but we “put the old Geneo attitude on em”: Nice. 

I worked Andrea on her way out and I mean these people cried out for some marketing from the Dayton community, but we did not care and blew another golden opportunity to make the most of this gem that resided in this town.  

Hands in the Air and Ridin ere to the Bottom.  Hey who says Dayton is not a Market Leader?  The rest of the US is heading were Dayton is, we are just going to get there first.

Greg Hunter

Mr. Crotty it takes all kinds, but up close she was not plastic, unless you got closer than I did and if so Do Tell!  This town needs more gossip!  I thought she had a terrific figure and yes I fall for Exercise Riders and she Rode, so I am biased!


You may be right on the South Campus thing, now that you bring it up. I have talked with a lot of people regarding Dayton tax breaks and no one seems to know anything “major” if you will. But none of these people were in the accounting department either.

Some NCR employees (that I talked to) think a lack of Dayton leadership was in the top 3 reasons why they left, among the other reasons stated.

Nuti screwed Dayton, but NCR screwed themselves for hiring him in the first place. Justice will be served. Dayton lost it’s most recognizable company. Unreal. NCR wanted bigger, I guess better. But they have become a small fish in a big pond. They may get eaten up there.


I’m reading some of the Atlanta take on this at the A J-C and some urban affairs forums with an Atlanta presence…seems there is some question if NCR was such a big win.  Which tracks with Esratis comments on Nuti and NCRs performance under his watch.


This morning’s AJ-C at http://www.ajc.com/news/content/metro/gwinnett/stories//2009/06/07/ncr_lure_to_georgia.html?cxntlid=homepage_tab_newstab is interesting. Turns out the bill to the Georgia taxpayer is $96 mil and counting. The state apparently has another grant in the works which they aren’t divulging at this time. And as for the “skilled workforce,” Georgia is footing the bill of $1.5 million for training workers.

Patricia McCormick

I must agree with Mr. Esrati’s points.  You might also add reference to  Time magazine’s article(March 24, 2008)  “10 Ideas That Are Changing the World”, in which Time states that Bill Nuti “is influential in getting companies to adopt do-it-yourself technology”.  And where Nuti himself,  states that “Business will get smarter at when to serve you”, it’s disappointing(to say the least) that he doesn’t  apply these remarks or standards to himself!


Bill Nuti is a JOKE. He hired all his buddies from Symbol (a much inferior company) to manage NCR and got rid all NCR veterans giving no way to internal talent. He is a total disaster to be soon revealed. Spends plenty of dollars on himself and cuts employee benefits….

Former NCR Employee

Bill NUTi is just what his last name says…NUT!


They are doing it with all manufacturing now.