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Let the Qbase lawsuits begin: Barnard vs. Qbase

The Greene County Courts online system is even worse than Montgomery County’s- in that it makes you think you can link directly to a case, but you can’t. Then it gets even worse because you can’t access the PDF of the actual filing. So, I called and asked for a PDF- “What’s that?” the woman Read More

The $300,000 question: Get Midwest Goes Bye-Bye?

Now that Lori Turner and Turner Effect have gotten paid $300,000 and resigned the account, several people asked me today: what next? History tells me that it’s time to do some housecleaning at the Dayton Development Coalition. This reminds me of when Thomas Heine was ousted from the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, or when Read More

Is Turner Effect a slush fund for Mike Turner supporters?

Well, Tom Beyerlein of the Dayton Daily News called me today and asked some questions about the less than fabulous and über expensive “Get Midwest”/ “Be Midwest” campaign that you’ve read about here, on Dayton Most Metro on DaytonOS and even on the Dayton Daily News site. What you’ll find out on Sunday when they Read More