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Dr David Lawrence, Interim Superintendent Dayton Public Schools

Dayton Public School board still can’t get over themselves: David Lawrence new Interim Superintendent

With a district 200 teachers short, and the deadline for teachers to go under contract expiring yesterday (July 10, is the commitment day), 2 board members seemed to think it wasn’t important to get a leader in charge of the District ASAP. Chrisondra Goodwine, the “Board President” let the VP, Will Smith do the introduction Read More

Saint David Lawrence, Chief of Innovation, Dayton Public Schools

Worst kept secret: David Lawrence’s return to DPS

Full disclosure: David Lawrence is one of my best friends, since meeting at the YMCA over 25 years ago. I’ve posted many times before suggesting he’s the best choice to lead Dayton Public Schools for many reasons. I’ve sat on this information for a while- and am even late to publishing it as the agenda Read More

David Lawrence vs Libby Lolli

Readers of this blog know that I supported David Lawrence for DPS superintendent, before the Rhonda Corr debacle and before the Libby Lolli chaos. Lawrence was a DPS grad, an athletic standout, a military veteran, with an entire career in the service of the Dayton community at various levels of increasing responsibility in the system Read More

Saint David Lawrence

The headline is in jest. There are few subjects that I’ve written about that have generated so many comments full of vitriol and hate. Polarized audiences are nothing new to me. But some of the comments made on the most recent posts about my friend David Lawrence who also happens to be the “Chief of Read More

The return of David Lawrence to Dayton Public Schools

I’ve written about David Lawrence before. First as the new principal at Thurgood Marshall High School where he made great strides, then as he took the helm at the Dayton Regional STEM school. That lasted exactly one year. Last night, the Dayton Board Of Education made a smart move and brought homegrown talent back to Read More

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