Save the Legacy Pancake House

Hearing that the Legacy Pancake House burned down this morning was hard to take. It’s been one of my favorite places to go to breakfast for decades. Easy parking, great service and the blintz’s you couldn’t get anywhere else.

At one time, it was part of the Golden Nugget family, but there was a split- and they went their separate ways. Big Greek families sometimes do that. If I remember right, some new owners took over not too long ago (since I’ve been diagnosed diabetic- I’ve not been out to eat near as much, especially breakfast).

So the question is, what now? Rebuild? Or move into a place that’s almost ready to go? I asked the hive mind on Facebook for recommendations after I suggested they take the old location of the Golden Nugget at Dorothy Lane and South Dixie back. Unfortunately, a major chain of gas stations thinks that location is better off with 50 pumps instead of pumping out pancakes and has it under contract. Last I heard, the zoning wasn’t approved for the gas station- so maybe there’s hope?

But if not- a few other locations came to mind.

There are two closed Bob Evan’s restaurants waiting for love. One is across from Stebbins high school on Woodman near Valley. The other is in Englewood.

The recently closed retro Frisch’s at the corner of S. Dixie and 741 needs a lot of love- but would be an awesome spot for a Dayton institution.

The old Frishes on Needemore by Hardee’s and 75 isn’t that far from your current location.

The former O’Charley’s on Miller Lane is vacant.

The old Christopher’s at the corner of Woodman and Dorothy in the Woodlane shopping center has great parking, and had a steady customer base as well.

There was a Ponderosa at Airway shopping center that’s had a bunch of restaurants in and out- considering the Legacy was an old Ponderosa- maybe? I don’t know if that Airway location is currently a going concern.

There are a few other spots that could work, but may not be as easy to access for their older clientele- like the recently closed Lock 27 by the ballpark and the Flyboy’s deli spot across the street from the ballpark. I don’t think their parking works for the elderly crowd I see coming in on Sunday mornings.

The old Diner location on St. Clair also has accessibility and parking issues- and the kitchen was taken out long ago.

I’m looking for something that could be open again in a month, not a year. Any other ideas, please share in comments.

Let’s not lose another Dayton institution for lack of creativity and support.

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