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Ryan Steele for Congress 2012 – OH-10

Website: www.steeleforrep.com [1]  as of today- the site is still a go-daddy holding page (March 2nd and it’s still a holding page).

I updated this post on March 2 with his campaign literature at right which finally came out on March 1st- complete with a typo and no political disclaimer line. I also added the final candidates night video and a video I made with Ryan questioning Sharen Neuhardt about her real reasons for running and her answers.

Click to download PDF of Ryan Steele for OH-10 Literature [2]

Ryan Steele lit, complete with typo (I fixed) Click for PDF download

This bio comes from the DDN voters guide- which I reposted here http://esrati.com/?p=8281 [3]

Bio: I’m 28 and I currently deliver pizzas. I recently earned a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts from Wright State University, majoring in Religious Studies, with a minor in Philosophy. My wife Laura and I have been married for almost two years.

Question 1: How will you deal with the continuing costs of military actions and the costs of domestic needs?

Answer 1: It is my belief that the U.S. can reduce its military spending and still remain the world’s strongest military force. The focus of our military spending should be on the soldiers and on veteran benefits. We must also avoid getting involved in unnecessary military actions. Domestically, “entitlement” programs must be protected from both those trying to end the programs, and from those who abuse them; but ensuring that people don’t starve, freeze, or die of curable diseases should always be our top priorities. A new tax structure, such as the “Fair Tax,” will likely be necessary to fund future spending.

Question 2: What are the most important issues in this race?

Answer 2: There is one issue in this country which I believe trumps all other issues; gridlock. Currently, Congress won’t confirm Presidential nominees; it won’t compromise to produce legislation to help hurting people; and it can’t go four months without almost shutting down the government. But they did manage to decide that pizza is a vegetable; bravo Congress. Incidentally, as a pizza delivery guy, I can assure you that pizza isn’t a vegetable. The 10th district needs to send someone to Washington with a mandate to break up the gridlock. Until this happens, none of our other problems will ever get solved.

These are the videos from various candidates nights.

Additional insight you will gain from watching them: he’s not a professional politician, he can think on his feet, he was a libertarian until he worked for DP&L for a year shutting peoples power off. His first job was given to him by current OH-73rd district rep Jarrod Martin- as an umpire in youth baseball, a job he has continued doing for 14 years.

He is not taking donations bigger than $100 and hasn’t raised a lot of money. He has no signs, handouts, website (yet) and enjoys talking to groups of people.

He has no health insurance, they have one car and that he and Laura are working on making a baby.

Ryan got fired up at the Fayette County Dems Dinner and asked Sharen Neuhardt a direct question [4] about her real reason for running and if blaming gerrymandering for her loss is appropriate.

Ryan is in a 6 way race to run against Congressman Mike Turner in the newly redrawn OH-10 district that includes all of Montgomery and Greene Counties and the northern part of Fayette County.

His opponents are David Esrati (author of this site and producer of all the videos), Olivia Freeman, Tom McMasters, Sharen Neuhardt and Mack Van Allen.

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Penny Griffith

You’re running for a public office but you can’t pay for things you purchase?  You have owed me $250.00 for over 10 years for albums you purchased.  How can you  represent the State when you welch on deals?  How much did you make on them.  Either pay up (with interest) or give back the 100 albums and original posters you took from me.  You were my office aide.  I trusted you!

Ryan Steele

David, I’m sorry to have to take care of this on your site, but Ms. Griffith took this to your site, so I have to come here to help fix it.  To those who are concerned about this issue, I must say that I certainly owe Ms. Griffith this money, and I would like to say to her that I am sorry that this oversight occurred.  In the interest of disclosure and as somewhat of a reputation defense, there are a few things inaccurate about what Ms. Griffith posted though.  Firstly, I was never anyone’s office aide in High School; I was simply not that kind of student.  Ms. Griffith and I barely knew each other and I do not remember how we came to work out this deal.  Secondly, the deal was for 100 records at a coat of $250, to be paid in a few months, after I started my BMV job.  There were no posters involved, and as it turned out, there were only 90 something records in the box.  I believe it was 92, but I honestly don’t remember; but I remember it was less than 100.  Also, these records were not worth $250 then, and they probably aren’t now; maybe retail they were, but there was no way anyone was selling them then or now for that much.  I can not return them because the vast majority, I’d say at least 70 of them, were lost to me in early 2004, when my mother moved from the house where I’d left them; I did not make money on them.  They were not paid for at the time because in just the first 6 months after making this agreement; my parents got divorced, I experienced not having a place to call home for the 1st time, and I bought a car that died on my way home from purchasing it.  Basically, my life was in shambles, often as a result of my own actions, for a while after High School.  I will be more than happy to pay this old debt, as I believe that this is… Read more »