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Retail politics and May 8, 2018 election

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What educated voters in Dayton 1-D are getting hand delivered. Click to download PDF

The way you win elections isn’t with :30 second TV spots, yard signs, or facebook ads.

At least that’s not how the most successful campaigns do it anymore.

It’s all data driven, trying to target most likely voters, and deciding who we need to get out and vote. It’s done through personal contact, door knocking, volunteers calling, and endless data collection and analysis.

Or- you ignore all the data, and just realize you have to meet and convince more voters than your opponent and hope.

That only works when you are running for something as small as precinct captain, which, yours truly is.

I’ve got 2 opponents. One has even printed a tri-fold brochure. So I have to out work, out knock, and out talk him.

Which is what I’ve been doing including enough time in the sun yesterday to be told by my mother that I’m sunburned.

I was also preaching the sermon for Darryl Fairchild and to vote yes on Issue 1.

And here are the takeaways:

What we need more than any ballot reform- is a real voter information system. No one seems to know where to go to find in-depth, relevant information about each candidate and race. If we had a board of elections that took their job seriously, we’d have a better system than what we have now.

thumbnail of Sample ballot 1-D [2]

Sample Ballot for Dayton 1-D for a Dem in the May 8, 2018 election (Click to download entire PDF)

For now- if you want to know what your ballot sort of looks like- you can go here and download your personalized ballot.

https://www.voterfind.com/montgomeryoh/ballotlist.aspx [3]

Then you have a choice of party, or issues only, to see what will be on the ballot in your precinct.

You should go, download a ballot, and research every issue, candidate, and try to make a decision long before you go to the polls.

If we’d switch to vote by mail, like Oregon (the State, not the district) did long ago, we could even mail a catalog with equal space for every candidate to summarize their candidacy and provide links to their site, for more information.

If we had a system like that- we could eliminate 90% of campaign ads, mailers, signs and stupidity.



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Dave C

This post has been up for 24 hours or so, and has yet to be trolled by David Johns.

Mr. Johns, if you’re going to be a troll, be an exemplary troll. Be ready to troll anything and everything published by Esrati as soon as it goes up. The fact that you have yet to write a single word assaulting Mr. Esrati’s post is both slothful and inattentive.

None of us cares that you might have other demands on you time and attention. A troll needs be be ready to go, 24/7, regardless.

GET ON THE JOB, MR. JOHNS! Either troll Esrati or don’t, but this [email protected] trolling is an embarrassment to trolls everywhere. Show a little pride in your work, please.

David Johns

Who are you again?

Dave C

Your worst nightmare!

Dave C

Dave C…..trollin’ the trolls!

David Johns

Who in their right mind would give, of all people, David Esrati their email address??? It’s exhausting, but someone has to remind people that Esrati is about as sensitive as they come, and only does things for self serving reasons.

And would you believe, not 24 hours ago, he posted a negative video about the district who didn’t give him the time of day with his “company’s” bid for the rebrand of DPS. Shocker? No.

Esrati is a nuisance. And he does not reflect not represent the Dayton I know.

And his tens of followers on his little blog deserve to be reminded to do their homework and not blindly follow the disgruntled little man.

That’s all.

And Dave “C”… You are who again?

Biz Mark

On pointe yet again!

Scott Newton

Hello Dave,
You mentioned that the voter rolls are inaccurate and need to be cleaned, yet months ago you claimed that the only people who wanted them cleaned were Republicans, who only wanted to do it so they could “disenfranchise” those voters who, I assume, the Republicans did not want voting.
I do not see anything wrong with voter records being purged after a period of time. Perhaps every 10 or 12 years, maybe that’s too long. There are so many ways to become a voter, and I would suspect that most of them were created by the Democratic party, that someone would have to live under a rock, have no friends, no phone, no internet, no neighbors in order to not be able to say “Do you know how I could register to vote?” The only people who would be offended by voter purging would be the dead or illegal voters.
However, I don’t disagree with you on how inefficient the MCBOE is, it definitely needs some improvement, perhaps a little purging as well……