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Residency- the wrong fight.

Yesterday I ran into two firefighters I know. Both, independently confirmed that it isn’t a secret that several firefighters have moved out of the city and haven’t been fired.

Is Victor Pate being discriminated against because he went public? Do we have a don’t ask, don’t tell policy in effect? Should the City of Dayton be involved in this grandstand last stand for “home rule” or should the Commission do what Nan proclaimed when the annual population numbers came in and “accept it.”

I say, we should stop worrying about forcing a small percentage of our residents (City employees) to live in the city and focus on what will make people want to live here: better schools, top-notch services, our bountiful supply of water, our community assets like Sinclair Community College, the arts scene, an abundance of inexpensive homes- land of opportunity etc.

Unique developments like my Sportsplex idea [1], coupled with regional cooperation, and forward-thinking developments concentrating on “walkable communities” and an advanced and efficient public transit system will make our city a “Gem city” once again- not a battle in the courts for indentured service living requirements.

The Mayor and the City Commission need to take a new tack on residency, starting with hiring Victor Pate back, dropping all lawsuits and looking forward instead of back.

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