Reset comments on Gary Leitzell’s first 100 days

The Dayton Daily News just blew away about 50 comments on its article about Gary Leitzell’s first 100 days.

What gives?

The new mayor earned praise for making city commission agendas more transparent and he has kept a campaign promise to curtail the practice of pushing through legislation as emergency ordinances, which gave little time for public scrutiny.

via A look at Gary Leitzell’s first 100 days.

And, I hate to say it- both of these were my issues – from years ago- and on the campaign trail. I never heard Gary mention either of these issues while campaigning. I do respect and appreciate the fact that he has acted on them. It’s more than can be said for the other 4 commissioners who have little to point to in terms of procedural change- in 4 years- never mind 100 days.

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Will Brooks
Will Brooks

Well, you didn’t expect them to give you credit – did you?
As for Gary, kudos. I hope he keeps on keeping on.

bike commuter
bike commuter


This isn’t really for posting on the site, but it may be inevitable.  I couldn’t find a email address, so I don’t have another way to cotact you and am loathe to risk sticking my head in the blender of your blog smackdown, but you have often written about reader comments on news sites.  I wondered if you saw this article:, an NYTimes article about the transition some news sources are making to registered respondents instead of annonymous respondents.  I don’t have any comment about it, I’m not advocating for it  or against it. I’m not trying to pick a fight with you or any of your rabid readers, I’m just offering an article that seemed on point and that I thought some people might be intereted in.  Don’t hate me, don’t attack me, please just let me hide in my corner and read your blog in some semblance of peace.  You all are waaaayyy too mean-spirited for me to want to engage with you but i thought you mgiht be interested in the artcle.

Will Brooks
Will Brooks

Thanks, bike commuter.

Gary Leitzell

I told you that I will listen and that I respect your opinion. We may not always agree but in this case I agreed with you on both issues and took some action. You were not the only person who had brought these to my attention. It is a start. It didn’t require a vote of the City Commission to do this. I will look into anything that makes common sense.


“And, I hate to say it- both of these were my issues…”


In no way did you hate to say it.  Just want the record to be right here.

Ice Bandit
Ice Bandit

You all are waaaayyy too mean-spirited for me to want to engage with you…(Bike Commuter)
Thanks. Nicest thing anyone has said about the Old Bandito all day…..