Reset comments on Gary Leitzell’s first 100 days

The Dayton Daily News just blew away about 50 comments on its article about Gary Leitzell’s first 100 days.

What gives?

The new mayor earned praise for making city commission agendas more transparent and he has kept a campaign promise to curtail the practice of pushing through legislation as emergency ordinances, which gave little time for public scrutiny.

via A look at Gary Leitzell’s first 100 days.

And, I hate to say it- both of these were my issues – from years ago- and on the campaign trail. I never heard Gary mention either of these issues while campaigning. I do respect and appreciate the fact that he has acted on them. It’s more than can be said for the other 4 commissioners who have little to point to in terms of procedural change- in 4 years- never mind 100 days.

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