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Remove 5 members of Dayton Public School Board of Education? Yes please.

If you’ve been paying attention to the many meetings of the Dayton Public Schools Board of Education, you know that it’s turned into an absolute shit show since they picked Rhonda Corr as Superintendent [1]. Just recently, they gave her a three year extension to her unorthodox one-year initial contract, after less than 7 months on the job- 7 months of turmoil and strife.

Not that the board needed Corr to create this mess, they do well on their own.

However recently, they’ve taken their incompetence to the level of criminal gross neglect- as showcased by their ignoring the first clause of the buyout contract with David Lawrence that they were supposed to vote on without comment [2].

The week prior, they voted early to award a contract that was published as $112,500, waiving the 48 hour rule [3] only to have an hour conversation about a contract with the Ohlmann Group [4], that they obviously hadn’t read, or understood. The real amount of that contract, only revealed through a public records request that took too long, and was delivered on a ream of paper instead of the requested digital documents, $345,410 per year- with two additional one year options, making the contract worth a potential $1,036,230.

Considering that there were only 3 bidders, the second place bidder [5]was at $321,100, and that the RFQ had stated that the cap was $300,000, one wonders why the only bidder under the cap wasn’t awarded the contract, especially, since it was the only true minority qualified business. (That bid was submitted by my firm, The Next Wave [6]).

An old adage comes to mind, it’s called the rule of “P’s” – “Prior planning prevents piss poor performance.” Which fully sums up the actions of this board and leadership. How hard is it to publish an agenda? How hard is it for board members to take the time to either read what they are voting on- or, ask and get competent explanations from staff on what and why they are being asked to vote on.

The 48 hour rule exists for a reason- to allow both the board and the public to review actions of a public body before a meeting. It is only supposed to be waived when there isn’t time to properly notify everyone- something that shouldn’t be that difficult- posting an agenda 48 hours in advance of a public meeting.

From their own manual [7]:

Emergency Meeting
Emergency meetings are called when a matter of urgent necessity must be decided and there is not enough time to allow for the 48-hour notice to members, or the 24-hour notice to the media. An example of a reason to hold an emergency meeting would be if a boiler were to suddenly break down in a school building and need replacing. The board could then call an emergency meeting to authorize payment.

Which brings us to their frequent use of the 48 hour rule- and the boards inability to actually review and know what they are voting for. The discussion about the buyout that wasn’t supposed to be discussed. The confusion about accepting a million dollar contract that they had obviously never seen.

These actions are clearly grounds for removal from office.

Source: Can a school-board member be removed from office? [8]

To take them to court, we’d need to collect signatures of 4,574 voters in the Dayton Public Schools district to move this forward. The only question is can one petition cover all 5 board members who willfully and flagrantly neglected their duty to comply with the contract terms they’d hashed out over months in executive session, or if this is just clear violation of the public trust and they can be prosecuted? Or, do we have to get circulate 5 individual petitions to do this? People who want to help get signatures should message me. Anyone planning to run in the fall, could start collecting the removal signatures while they collect their signatures to get on the ballot.

Both Superintendent Rhonda Corr and the staff lawyer, Jyllian Bradshaw, should be able to be terminated for cause by a competent board, for allowing the discussion to occur on the Lawrence buyout contract, and for voting for a million dollar marketing contract, without having it either presented or properly explained to the board. The board treasurer, Hiwot Abraha, was in charge of the marketing RFQ, and should also be held responsible for them voting a week early, without proper review.

Replace the five board members, Robert Walker, Ron Lee, Hazel Rountree, Joe Lacey and Adil Baguirov with competent members, who then remove Corr, Bradshaw and Abraha with cause, and replace them with competent people, and maybe, Dayton Public Schools will have a chance.


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Barbara Byrd Bennett

Didn’t I tell you, David that Rhonda Corr was an independent monkey and that she would turn any fiasco into a total “shit show” as you called it! Dayton is by far a greater shit show than Chicago. Rhonda only had a small group of schools to screw up. It seems that in Dayton she has far more to screw up! She is poor lazy soul…and if she got her contract extended, then somebody is getting a kick back from one of the vendors you are using!! That’s what Rhonda does well- lining her pockets…I guess they aren’t giving you a kickback, huh, because you are still running your mouth!?!? But you gave Rhonda a fair chance – that’s better than most would do!

Dave C.

Everything described here is true and accurate, as best I can tell. Additional it’s an outrage, and should be 100% unacceptable to anyone living in Dayton.

Unfortunately, very few people care.

Until the number of outraged Daytonians reaches a minimum “critical mass” nothing will change. These jokers will do pretty much as they please with public money and property, without any real risk of repercussions. It’s the type of thing one often sees in a third-world nation.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…….Nan Whaley runs unopposed in the next election, the first unopposed mayoral election in Dayton’s history.

new government

You are absolutely right David C. we here have been saying these things for all these years and all we get is hot air from our elected leaders and most of the public and local citizens gave up long ago to do what is right. When they enrich themselves with a blank check regardless of the consequences for their actions these so called elected leaders, in some cases being appointed, will do what they want and how they want. Look at the little Oakwood Nan wants downtown as she prepares to go on WHIO TV and radio for the BIG RIBBON cutting of the new luxury library that she has waiting for the little Oakwood zone that all her country club residents can use and be all smiles for the rich zone she created for herself and self the serving money robbing, and taxing everyone else around. Meanwhile people that cannot afford nan’s new dream of Dayton meaning the surrounding areas around Dayton suffer. individuals leave their homes and leave Dayton to never return. Perhaps that is the agenda David C. We have the highest heroin epidemic while she promotes her new agenda for all to see along with the worst school districts in Ohio! The citizens, or most of them, have given up the good fight of good old fashion justice which has long disappeared from our judicial system of checks and balances. Most judges, attorneys, and elected leaders all they do is pull the puppet strings because there is a prize waiting in a form of monetary gain for lack of an unbiased review of events and places with zero accountability and substance to look at any issue. Common sense has long been deceased in making important decisions which now are biased to fit what the media wants the masses to know. It is time David C. and David Esrati that it is people like you and me and others should be put in charge, but that would be too much to ask because they want total control over all of us and they will not have any… Read more »