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Rashad Young to leave Dayton for NC: the real issues

The mark of an excellent leader is that he has a capable number two ready to step into his position.
That’s not the case with Mr. Young, however, he’s hardly to be faulted. We have a city manager form of government, with a part time mayor. Someone needs to tell that to Mayor McLin- who has made every effort to keep Mr. Young out of the lime light- or to let him do his job.
However, McLin is no different than Mike Turner before her, and Clay Dixon before Turner, and Paul Leonard before Dixon and… well, that’s as far back as I go.
If Young had been allowed to do his job, we’d know more about what he was, or wasn’t capable of.
It’s unfortunate that Young will leave [1] before the citizens have a chance to vote at least two new faces to the commission. His announcement comes at the same time we learn that the city is facing a $20 million deficit. It’s going to take a strong leader, who knows our community. We can’t afford to bring in an outsider.
We have the talent here. I’ve already suggested Colleen Ryan, now with the Dayton Development Coalition. Other options, David Bohardt (who didn’t run for Mayor this time), Dr. Mike Ervin (he’s already doing so much- why not pay him for it)- and now that we don’t have a residency rule- there may be a lot of other candidates available.
The most important change we can make is to help Mayor McLin retire, and empower the new City Manager to lead and do their job. Otherwise, it’s futile.
Best of luck Rashad- hope they give you a chance to really manage a city in North Carolina.

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larry sizer

I think you should be considered to replace Rashad Young as well as be a City Commissioner. When you stood up to Karin Manovich, or should I say you had to yell at her to allow you your right to talk, at Historic South Park Inc. Tuesdays meeting, was a sure plus for you in my book. Karin (edited for personal attack) has cut me off on more than one occasion, as well as others. The one thing that ticks me off about her lack of leadership be sides (edited for personal attack), is how I have brought to the meetings for over a half a year the property located at 242 Oak Street. I had to go to Mayor McLin to get the planning board to send me information on the property, and that took months. I had then taken the information to the meetings, and gave it to (edited for personal attack) Mike DiFlora of The Home Group , who is supposed to bring homes in disrepair to the meetings. (edited for personal attack) I have the feeling that Karin is going to do the same thing with 242 Oak Street, like she did at 529 Hickory Street, and that is use the historic charter to throw them in jail, and then buy the property for a song, or that is the way I hear it. Bring that up David, since you have more balls then anyone that sits behind HSPI desk, or the City Commission desk. Loved it when money was asked for Door Knob Cards, and you corrected her that you could get it at a better price. I mentioned magnet Door Knob Cards to put on the ice box, some (edited for personal attack)gave a rant, and you said that you could get them cheaper as well. You da man… I love your Blog, and if I could I would have your baby, the way you stand up at meetings, say it the way it is, and have your own voice in life. You have my vote, and I support you, really support you when… Read more »