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Pointing fingers and blaming names

The whole country is in a depression and the best that the “Republican Governors Association” can do is blame Ted Strickland for job loss and the loss by bribe of NCR to Georgia:

The Republican Governors Association is using a new TV ad [1] to blame Gov. Ted Strickland for NCR Corp.’s move from Dayton to Georgia.

In the 30-second spot unveiled Wednesday, July 7, the RGA says Strickland lost 400,000 jobs on his watch, including 1,250 NCR jobs. NCR was Dayton’s last Fortune 500 company.

“Four years ago, Ted Strickland promised to create thousands of new jobs for Ohio,” RGA spokesman Tim Murtaugh said. “Sadly, not only has he broken that promise, he has also overseen the loss of hundreds of thousands of existing jobs. He’s left Ohioans disappointed and wondering when their own jobs will disappear.”

via New TV ad pins blame for NCR move on governor [2].

The reality is that NCR was bribed to move the executive offices to NYC for $1.5 mill and the rest of it to GA for $110 million. That money was collected to pay for essential government services- and instead was handed over to the Charlatan Executive Officer, Bill Nuti [3], who makes $2k an hour to lose 2/3 of the company’s value in 4 years. Why is the checkout person working at Piggly Wiggly, who makes minimum wage- providing corporate welfare? Ask the Republican Governors Association that question and you won’t get an answer. The whole site they’ve built: “TedfailedOhio.com [4]” reminds me of what kids talk about in Junior High School.

I write and produce :30 second TV spots for a living. It’s hard to get a lot of information in one- but the reality is, big media will never criticize the politicians for making and running them- because it’s their bread and butter.

We spend way too much money on political campaigns, and where it comes from- are the people who are the recipients of those corporate welfare dollars and loopholes in laws that put us at risk. [5]

I made a TV ad for my last campaign for Congress about big media:

And- last night I recorded a short video about blaming instead of fixing the real problems to respond to the Republican Governors Association ad:

The cost of campaigns and the cost to us with the “best politicians money can buy” is astronomical. It’s time to start funding all political campaigns out of our tax dollars- and put the lobbying industry out of work. It’s why I’m adding the Open Secrets campaign widget [6] to the sidebar.

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I think your point about the results we get depending on the system we set up rather than particular personalities involved is a good one.  The system will find and promote the personalities it requires (concurrently the personalities seek out their optimum niches within the system).  Good thing for us all that “the system” isn’t static, and your campaign is providing an example of the disruptive influence new technology can have.

Robert Vigh

Can we bring a little accuracy to the topic please:

#1) NCR was not bribed. Bribes are elements of fraud. Since what they did is legal, the only fraud being perpetrated is by the USA government to it’s citizens.
#2) The bottom 50% if income earners pay near a net 0.00 tax. The checkout person at piggly wiggly is being subsidized by the government as well.
#3) What does it matter what Bill Nuti makes? Did he take this money by force? Would the perpetration of fraud by the government be better if they gave it to me instead (I would think so).

Ted Strickland had an opportunity to make Ohio competitive and he did not. Here is a really simple way to make Ohio more competitive……….Simplify the tax brackets, make them match the federal brackets for income. Then, lower taxes across the board. Lower expenditures to match reduced income as needed.

Not that the republicans will be more in tune with what is required, but Ted needs to go home.

David Lauri

Bribes are elements of fraud
Although I’ll concede that the word “bribe” does often have a negative connotation, you’re incorrect as to its definition:

1: money or favor given or promised in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust
2: something that serves to induce or influence

If the word “bribe” always necessarily had a connotation of fraud, you wouldn’t hear the usage, for example, of kids being bribed with dessert to eat their vegetables, something that’s neither fraudulent nor illegal.

Donald Phillips

I blame myself! (edited by esrati)